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A porcelain container used to heat things up?

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It is called a Crucible

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A porcelain container used to heat things up in?

a crucible

What was porcelain used for?

Porcelain can be used for many things --Playing with --saying --taking a crap in --washing your hands in SEE!! PORCELAIN IS SO USEFUL!!

What is a crucible and how is it used?

A small porcelain container with a small lid. Used for heating a substance with controlled amounts of gas from the atmosphere

Can you put porcelain in a preheated oven?

No! Porcelain is a clay mixture fired in a kiln that is commonly called "china" because the mixture/process was first invented in that country. It is delicate and contains metallic elements that will heat up quickly and break the porcelain when in contact with heat. Also, porcelain china should not be used in a microwave because of the metal elements.

Can energy be transferred to heat things?

All kinds of energy can be used to heat things either directly or indirectly. Solar energy can be used to heat things directly. water fall energy or wind energy can be used to heat things through electricity production that in its turn can heat things.

Small porcelain dish used to heat small amounts of solid materials at high temperature with lid?


What elements are in porcelain?

Erbium can be used to color porcelain and Cobalt can make porcelain blue.

The difference between porcelain cookware and stainless steel cookware?

Porcelain cookware cannot endure direct contact with heat especially with high heat. It might melt if being exposed to high heat for a long period of time. It is better used on low heat. If being dropped, porcelain cookware might chip or crack. It's not an ideal to use porcelain cookware on glass cooktop as it might melt if being exposed to high heat and will cause damage to the cooktop. Porcelain cookware comes in an assortment of colors and patterns. On the other hand, stainless steel cookware can resist to high heat. It can be exposed to heat for a long period of time. It doesn't get chipped or cracked if being dropped. It can be used on any kind of cooktop and in the oven. Stainless steel cookware only comes in metal-colored.

A ceramic container with lid which is used to heat chemicals to high temperature?


Is porcelain used today and how?

yes in porcelain dolls and in toilets how do you think they make the porcelain dolls

What mineral is used in porcelain sinks?

Porcelain, as the name suggests.

How is porcelain still used today?

To make Porcelain dolls.

A wide mouthed container used to transport heat or store substances?

Erlenmeyer flask

Uses of porcelain crucible?

The porcelain crucible is used for calcination or melting.

What is a box like heating container used to heat materials over long periods?

The nearest thing I can think of is an oven.

In what ways can recycled plastic be used?

It can be used in a lot of things unfortunately like a plastic container.

Can ceramic tiles or porcelain be used in mobile home?

Yes, just do all the conventional things as you do in a regular house.

Can porcelain be used as a rodent killer?

Hit a rodent with a piece of porcelain will usually kill it. Not sure you have the right term in porcelain.

What is porcelain in pots?

Porcelain is like clay and is used to make flower pots.

What are ceramic insulators used for?

Ceramic and porcelain insulators are used in conjunction with wires that may generate a large amount of heat. Ceramics have a very high heat tolerance, especially higher than plastic and some metals.

What was porcelain used for in ancient china?

porcelain was used for plates, cups, statues,..... porcelain was also very beautiful and had a lot of neat designs on it that it was very popular and the Chinese traded it. later, the europeans found out about the secret ingredient they used to make porcelain and made it their self.

What is the purpose of porcelain?

The purpose of porcelain is to look pretty. Porcelain is often used in pianos keys, dolls, and items not meant to be played with.

Why was porcelain important to the Chinese?

porcelain was important to the Chinese because the Chinese used it a lot

What are porcelain chips for?

Porcelain chips are used to avoid splashing during boiling of liquids.

What is Geothermic energy?

Geothermal energy is a naturel heat that can be used to re-heat things. The heat comes from the Earth and it is used to heat homes and other places.