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When will medical science conquer the scourge of cancer?

In what year did the Spanish allegedly conquer the Aztecs?

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Q: A sentence with the word conquer in it?
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How can you put the word conquer in a sentence?

He will conquer the enemy

What is sentence using the word conquer?

I will conquer that Pacific island.

What is a sentence with the word conquer?

We will conquer our enemies.He planned to conquer his ancestral kingdom back.

What is a good sentence with the word conquer in it?

I am going to conquer the world someday

What is a powerful sentence with the word conquer?

You may conquer our country, but you cannot kill our spirit! Conquer on, McDuff!

Can you give me a sentence using the word conquer?

Invaders often try to conquer a country.

How can you use the word conquers in a sentence?

A king can conquer an empire if its army is strong

What is an alliteration sentence using the word consider?

Charlie considers consequences choosing to conquer chile.

Could conquer be used in a sentence?

I can conquer this question.

What is the Hebrew word for conquering?

to conquer = kavash (כבש) In order to conjugate the verb form "conquering", you would have to provide the whole sentence.

What is a sentence for conquer?

This task is mine to conquer! I will conquer taller mountains than this!

How do you use conquer in sentence?

The explorers intended to conquer the island.