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A struggle or conflict to spread Islam is a Jihad

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Struggle against nature; struggle against society; struggle against antagonist; inner conflict

how did islam spread in africa

The main struggle of the orders' central conflict was war.

Internal means on the inside. An internal conflict would be something like an emotional struggle, a spiritual struggle, or a struggle with one's conscience.

That is the correct spelling of the word "struggle" (a conflict).

The most important spread of Islam was that it was spread by Muhummad.

Islam spread to libya by other countries

Muhammad spread the religion of Islam by teaching of the religion. He taught people that he was the messanger of God and that also spread Islam.

A conflict in a story is some kind of struggle

the main struggle in a story is known as conflict.

Islam spread rather quickly at its onset.

A conflict is a struggle or clash between opposing characters or forces

Islam spread north at first and then spread east and west.

CNN Presents - 1993 The Struggle for Islam was released on: USA: 2001

The definition for external conflict is a struggle between two characters. It can be a struggle between a character and an outside force.

Arab traders were responsible for the spread of Islam.

Islam never spread by war. Refer to question below.

It was spread in Arabic.

Yes. The Arabs spread Islam from the 7th century to the present day.

Islam spread from it started as soon as people realized the wisdom of it.It is still spreading and will still spread.

The prophets of god spread Islam.

Islam spread from Arabia.

A conflict is Elie's struggle with abandoning his dad, because he is fighting with his need for self-preservation and his love for his father Another conflict is Elie's struggle with his faith in God.

Islam has spread through out Pakistan ,Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Afghanistan.

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