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A user claims he did not receive a GPO?


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Use RSOP.msc or gpresult.exe to determine, it you find the problem of applying gpo, plese check the link below to troubleshoot gpo



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Check for the Security rights of the user on the GPO that is applied. In some cases, user is denied permission to that particular group policy. Deny box is checked for the user in the group policy permission.

Here interviewer want to know the troubleshooting steps what gpo is applying ? if it applying in all user and computer? what gpo are implemented on ou? make sure user not be member of loopback policy as in loopback policy it doesn't effect user settings only computer policy will applicable. if he is member of gpo filter grp or not? You may also want to check the computers event logs. If you find event ID 1085 then you may want to download the patch to fix this and reboot the computer. ==========================================================================================

Group Policy Object (GPO) computer=Computer Configuration, User=User ConfigurationName some GPO settings in the computer and user parts

The object link links the GPO and the enforced GPO.

The GPO settings is divided between the Computer settings and the User settings. In both parts of the GPO you can clearly see a large section called Administrative Templates. Administrative Templates are a large repository of registry-based changes (in fact, over 1300 individual settings) that can be found in any GPO on Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003. By using the Administrative Template sections of the GPO you can deploy modifications to machine (called HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE in the registry) and user (called HKEY_CURRENT_USER in the registry) portions of the Registry of computers that are influenced by the GPO. The Administrative Templates are Unicode-formatted text files with the extension .ADM and are used to create the Administrative Templates portion of the user interface for the GPO Editor.

By issuing following command in command prompt on client machine.. Gpresult

The GPO is Group policy object and used for provide the policy based setting to the User and computer.It can only applies to the OU,Domain,Sites.It has also inheritance setting to apply for the objects.

Blocking inheritance in GPO is worthless if the GPO links are not enforced.

Karachi City GPO 74000 Karachi GPO- 74200 Karachi Sadar GPO- 74400

GPO stands for General Post Office.

the first GPO of lahore at mall road

The root user will receive: #Example: [root@server1 ~]#_

The easiest way to do this is to make a copy of the original GPO, and then rename it. Then you will have a new GPO with all of the settings of the original. To do this, open the GPMC and drill down to the Group Policy Objects node. Right-click over the GPO you want to use, and select Copy. Then, immediately select Paste. It will create a new GPO named

GPO Film Unit was created in 1933.

GPO preferences is new option available in server 2008 GPO with you can add file/folder remotely to all clients computers.

When creating a GPO software installation, which option causes the client computer to automatically install the application the next time the computer starts or the user logs on?A) PublishedB) Assigned C) DeployD) Advanced

GPOs in Active Directory are configured to be applied over Computer Systems (Computer Configuration)and Users (User Configuration) using those Computers.USER Configuration in Group Policy Editor is used for controlling User Environment.

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In Linux, after the user log in to a terminal hi/she receives a user interface called Shell

Firstly download the Microsoft Group Policy Management Console from Microsoft. Expand your domain, right click on an OU, select "Create and Link GPO Here ..." to create a new GPO and link it, or "Link an Existing GPO" and select an already created GPO.

31 kilometres from Brisbane GPO to Russell Island GPO.

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