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Withdrawal reflex or flexor reflex employs sensory neuron, interneuron and motor neuron.

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Q: A withdrawal reflex employs what neurons?
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A knee-jerk reflex employs motor neurons and what?

it employs sensory and motor neurons

What interneurons in a withdrawal reflex are located in the?

Interneurons in a withdrawal flex are located in the sensory neurons. This is taught in health.

How does the four major elements of a simple nervous pathway function during pain withdrawal reflex?

During a pain withdrawal reflex impulses are sent through different nerves and to the spinal cord. This reflex does not make it to the brain but only to the spinal cord. We call this involuntary action because we dont control reflexes. The sensory neurons are the first to recieve the impulse, then they travel to the interneurons, or associative neurons, and then they go to the motor neurons which carries the impulse to the central nervous system. Then the effector is the response, so in this case your musscle will contract.

What connects to sensory neurons?

You have three neurons in the reflex arc. You have the afferent, the intermediate and efferent neurons in the reflex arc. So the answer is intermediate neuron.

Arrange the following neurons into the correct sequence for information flow during the withdrawal reflex following touching a hot burner on a stove?

sensory, interneuron, motor nueron

What type of homeostasis feedback reflex is the withdrawal reflex?


What kind of reflex has only two neurons?

monsynaptic reflex arcs

What neurons are involved in a reflex?

3 neurons are included in the reflex arc. They are: Afferent neurons (take the message to the spinal cord) (sensory) Association neurons (directs message to the efferent neuron and the brain) (report reflex to the brain) Efferent neurons (takes message to effector) (motor) Not all reflexes have interneurons.

What kind of reflex uses just two neurons?

monosynaptic reflex arcs

Does visceral reflex arcs have two sensory neurons?

No, it has 2 visceral motor neurons. A visceral reflex has a receptor, a sensory neuron, a processing center, and 2 visceral motor neurons.

What muscles in the limbs are the effectors of a withdrawal reflex?

Flexor Muscles

What is the absolute minimum number of neurons that can be involved in a reflex?

A minimum of 3 neurons.