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In Ecuador
The abbreviation for Ecuador is 'ec'. The four letter abbreviation for Ecuador is 'ecua'. However, 'ec' is the most common.

Who is the leader of Ecuador?

The leader of Ecuador is its president who serves as both head of government and head of state. The president of Ecuador is currently Rafael Vicente Correa Delgado .

What is an abbreviation?

Abbreviation An abbreviation is a way to shorten a word to save space. For example Ave. stands for Avenue and Apt. stands for apartment. An abbreviation (from Latin brevis "short") is a shorter form of a word . More particularly, an abbreviation is a letter or group of letters, taken from ( Full Answer )

What is Ecuador?

Ecuador is in Western South America, it borders colombia and peru.the population is 14 million. The capital is Quito. Quito isnestled in the Andes Mountains at 9500 feet above sea level. Equador is a country in South America that the equater runsdirectly through.

Where is Ecuador?

Ecuador is a beautiful country in northern South America, on the western coast, between Peru and Colombia. The Equator runs right through it. Galapagos Islands is a part of Ecuador. Equador is located in the north-western area of South America. Located north of Peru and to the east & north bordered ( Full Answer )

Landforms in Ecuador?

Ecuador is a South American country containing four well-knownlandforms. They are the Galapagos Islands, Oriente Rain Forest,Sierra Mountains and La Costa plains.

What is abbreviation?

It is the shortened or contracted form of a word, a reduction inlength and/or the act or result of abbreviating

What is the abbreviation for that is?

If you mean the conjunction , it's "that's." "That is" can also be abbreviated as "i.e." which is "id est" in Latin.

Is Ecuador on the equator?

Yes, it is. That's how it got its name. There is a monument called "La Mitad Del Mundo," just outside of Quito, the capital city. Unfortunately, the architects of the monument were off by a few hundred meters. But they were close and that's all that matters, right??

What is the abbreviation FOR?

There is no abbrevation for for. There is a FOR loop which is a programming language statement that allows code to be repeated. *.for is a filename extension for FORTRAN, a computer programming language.

Abbreviation of Ecuador?

Ecuador is commonly abbreviated using either ISO standard 3166-1 alpha-2 or alpha-3, which use 2 letters and 3 letters repectively.. The two letter abbreviation is "EC". You'll see it most commonly used with Internet Domains names registered in ecuador, for example in the address for the Ecuadorian ( Full Answer )

What is the nickname of Ecuador?

Perhaps by nickname, you mean motto.. In that case, the offical motto of Ecuador is "Dios, Patria, y Libertad" which translates to "God, Homeland, and Liberty".. Some more informal 'mottos' heard in popular culture nowadays in Ecuador include "Ya la patria es de todos!" or "Estamos en marcha!".. ( Full Answer )

What is the temperature in Ecuador?

Ecuador's climate varies by region, due to differences in altitudeand its proximity to the equator. Its average annual temperature is17.8 degrees Celsius.

What are traditions in Ecuador?

Some of the traditions in Ecuador include Carnival and New Years. Carnival is a country wide water fight. For New Years they make dummy dolls and then light them on fire and jump over them. This is to represent a doing away of all your bad habbits.

Where is Ecuador at?

Ecuador is located in west South America between Colombia and Perú in the Equator.(that's what the Spanish word Ecuador means) This is the reason why La Mitad del Mundo (The center of the world) is in Quito. (Ecuador's capital)

What can you do in Ecuador?

Stay cool dude. Don't chuck the ice cream. Better answer: You can climb glacier covered mountains, relax on a beach, take a cruise to the Galapagos Islands, party all night in Quito or Guayaquil, take surfing lessons in Canoa. Ecuador has a huge variety of climates and activities for a small count ( Full Answer )

Ecuador was named for?

I don't know for sure but I think it's because it's close to the equator (???).

What is the brid of Ecuador?

The most famous bird of Ecuador is the Condor and also for the millions of Hummingbirds all across the country

What is am an abbreviation of?

"Am" is not an abbreviation. It is a conjugation of the verb "tobe". AM (as in radio) is an abbreviation for "amplitude modulation." a.m. (as in time of day) is an abbreviation for ante meridiem , literally "before noon."

What are abbreviations?

Abbreviations are short forms of a full word. Some examples are: Post Office P.O. doctor dr. bachelor of science B.S. avenue ave. mister Mr.

What is the motto of Ecuador?

Dios, patria y libertad" (Spanish) "Pro Deo, Patria et Libertate" (Latin) "God, homeland and liberty"

Who discovered Ecuador?

Francisco Pizarro discovered Ecuador. But actually, there werepeople already living there, so technically he didn't discover it.

Abbreviation for you will?

\n"You will" can be contracted to "you'll," but it is a contraction as opposed to an abbreviation.

Is Ecuador communist?

No, Ecuador returned to being a Presidential republic in 1979, after very nearly 10 years of being either a Civilian or Military Dictatorship.

How do you abbreviate who has?

whose that answer is incorrect. The abbr. or contraction for who has is who's, and it is also the abb. for who is ( who's) Who has (who's) Who is (who's) whose is possesive, or shows ownership, e.g., whose jacket was stolen? Whose car is this?

What is IT an abbreviation for?

IT is an abbreviation for the words Information Technology. It can also be semi shortened to info tech , information tech or info technology. Information technology is usually something to do with computers. hope this helps... =D

What is the abbreviation of 'you are'?

The contraction of "you are" is you're . An abbreviation is a shortened form often followed by a period. A contraction follows a spoken form of a word pair by omitting one or more letters (e.g. you've, he's, won't ).

What is the abbreviation of am?

Anti Meridian - for times after midnight and before noon. . Amplitude Modulation - signal processing and radio transmission (AM radio).

What was Ecuador named after?

Its a foreign name of a line. The word for "equator" is Ecuador, and the equator runs through the country.

Why did they name it Ecuador?

Ecuador means equator in Spanish. The equator pass right through the middle of the country.

How do you fax to Ecuador?

You can use fax machine. There are establishments who offer this paid service. Also you may avail of the internet fax service where in you can send faxes using your online account. No need for a fax machine and a dedicated phone line, as long as you have an internet connected PC and a provider you c ( Full Answer )

Why Retire to Ecuador?

Because Ecuador is one of the best places in the world to retire to. A national travel magazine chose Cuenca, Ecuador as the best place in the world to live in. The weather is great, the food is great, housing and medical is low costs. come visit and you will stay, I promise.

What is unique about Ecuador?

ecuador is unique because of a lot of things. Mainly because of its resources. Ecuador´s Oriente is known as the lung of America. Also people in Ecuador are warm . Ecuador´s food is so delicious. and you can go to different climates if you want. you can go to the beaches in the coast or the co ( Full Answer )

What is abbreviation for it has?

It's , and this is not an abbreviation , it is a contraction . This is also the contraction for it is .

How is the culture in Ecuador?

The Culture of Ecuador is far from homogeneous. The population is a mix of Mestizos, Amerindian, Spanish and Blacks. There are more than 14 Indigenous groups in Ecuador and each have their own identities and traditions. You will notice quite a difference in the culture depending on whether you ar ( Full Answer )

What is special about Ecuador?

one thing would be the bull fights but i bet there is more things that makes Ecuador special like a song if they have one.

What is the abbreviation for there are?

There are does not have an accepted contracted form. Many people use there're to shorten this phrase, but this contraction is incorrect (not to mention very difficult to pronounce).

What is the environment of Ecuador?

There is deforestation going on in Ecuador and oil spills are very dangerous there. Many spills kill animals and affect thousands of human beings. Oil spills also damage the rainforests which causes the deforestation. Deforestation is also caused by large forest fires which spread very quickly on la ( Full Answer )

Is tecala in Ecuador?

Tecala is real country where the one major event in its history was when general maximus decimus meridius travelled to the future riding a velociraptor in order to rescue a banana held hostage by the sheriff of Nottingham.

How do they move in Ecuador?

The natural laws governing movement are the same in Ecuador as elsewhere so they would move in the same way as others do

Do you have koalas in Ecuador?

There are no koalas in Ecuador. Koalas are endemic to Australia, meaning they are not found anywhere else in the world.

How do you abbreviate what has?

"what's" the context determines how the apostrophe is interpreted. Examples: What's the going price for apples? (What is) What's Bob been doing lately. (What has)

What is a abbreviations?

An abbreviation is a shortened version of a word. Example: MBA = Masters in Business Administration. MBA is an abbreviation. Isn't and aren't are contractions but could technically be called abbreviations because the apostrophes replace one or two letters. " Assoc. " is an abbreviation fo ( Full Answer )

What is an abbreviator?

In its simplest form, an abbreviator can simply refer to a person who abbreviates. It also refers to one of a college of 72 officers of the pope's court whose job it is to give a synopsis of a petition, before expanding it into an official form.

How is the education in Ecuador?

There is a free education and its getting better every year, theteacher in a goverment school in Ecuador receives much highersallary than a teacher in a private school. That happended the last2 years. The eduacation is very good.

How do you abbreviate what will?

What Will abbreviated is "What'll" ! Example Sentence is in order:"What'll Dinie Slothouber do without her love, Mitch Longley"?