Abdominal distension after surgery?

related to hernia

Drainage lines inserted during surgery may result in abdominal hernia similar to inguinal hernia (much lower on the torso) in treatment. The gap in the muscle tissue is reinforced with fabric. This requires a surgical procedure and suspension of strenuous activities for a few weeks.

Related to Abdominal Surgery (colectomy in this case)

Abdominal surgery causes reduction in peristalsis because it usually involves handling the bowels manually - this is the natural response of the bowels, to stop peristalsis. Consequently, gases and fluids accumulate and stretch out the lower bowels (referring to colectomy in this case) which causes the muscles to weaken and so peristalsis cannot continue as normal - this allows more gases to accumulate. In effect, all the accumulated gases causes distension of the abdomen. one way to prevent this is using a nasogastric tube to suction out stomach fluids and gases soon after surgery.