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About whom did Lincoln say I cannot spare this man He wins?

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his cabinet his cabinet

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India wins freedom is the autobiography of whom?

Abdul Kalam Azad

How does Lincoln win the 1860 election?

He wins because he got most of the votes.

Who helped Abraham Lincoln in the Civil War?

General U S Grant ("I need him, because he wins battles", as Lincoln said after he had worked though a variety of generals).

John cena wins the WWE title 5 times - it was against whom?

Either Randy Orton,Sheamus or Batista

What were the original seven states to secede from the Union after Lincoln wins the presidential election?

South Carolina, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Alabama, Georgia.

Can a medical collection agency put a lien on your house?

Yes. If it sues you in court and wins a judgment it can request a judgment lien and record that in the land records. Your house cannot be mortgaged or sold until the lien is paid.Yes. If it sues you in court and wins a judgment it can request a judgment lien and record that in the land records. Your house cannot be mortgaged or sold until the lien is paid.Yes. If it sues you in court and wins a judgment it can request a judgment lien and record that in the land records. Your house cannot be mortgaged or sold until the lien is paid.Yes. If it sues you in court and wins a judgment it can request a judgment lien and record that in the land records. Your house cannot be mortgaged or sold until the lien is paid.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Smile Wins - 1923?

The cast of The Smile Wins - 1923 includes: Eddie Baker Sammy Brooks Ena Gregory Wallace Howe Marvin Loback James Parrott George Rowe Lincoln Stedman

Who will defend the WWE championship at WrestleMania 26 against whom?

No one knows. We are three months away from Wrestlemania, my money is on either Sheamus or Cena defending against whom I don't know but I hope Edge comes back and wins it. Highly doubtful though.

What Lincoln administration cabinet member provides important advice on the proposed emancipation proclamation?

On July 22, 1862, President Lincoln surprises all but two members of his cabinet about the draft of the emancipation proclamation. Lincoln accepts Secretary Seward's advice to withhold the preliminary version of the document until the Union wins a significant victory.

The political career of Abraham Lincoln could best be described as?

The political career of Abraham Lincoln could best be described as slow and steady wins the race. He was a self taught lawyer who in Illinois hones his craft for public speaking and debate as he climbed the political ladder.

If a credit card company takes you to court and wins and you cannot pay what can they do?

ouch well they can make you sell your assets to make the money to pay them

What does the Abraham Lincoln presidency timeline look like?

March 4,1861-Lincoln takes his oath of office April 12,1861-the Civil War begins February 20,1862-Willie Lincoln dies from thyphoid fever September 17,1862-the battle of Antietam,Maryland January 1,1863-Lincoln issues his Emancipation Proclamation July 4,1863-the battle of Gettysburg October 6,1863-Lincoln creates Thanksgiving as a national holiday November 19,1863-Lincoln delivers his Gettysburg Adress November 8,1864-Lincoln wins reelection January 31,1865-the 13th Amendment abolishes slavery in the United States March 4,1865-Lincoln takes his oath of office for the second time April 9,1865-the Civil War ends April 14,1865-Lincoln is shot by John Wilkes Booth at Fords Theater April 15,1865-Abraham Lincoln dies at the age of 56

Who is the best ever F1 driver?

Michael Schumacher is arguably the best driver in the history of F1 racing. He has a total of 91 race wins and 7 drivers world championships. Apart from this he also holds records for most pole positions, most career points, winning the title with most races to spare, most wins in a single season etc.

If Texas and California got into a fight who would win?

Texas wins in size.California wins in population.California wins in population density.California wins in water percentage.California wins in income.California wins in number of democrats.Texas wins in number of republicans.Texas wins in number of cities.Texas wins in number of counties.California wins!

What happens in a badminton tie?

You continue playing until someone wins by 2.Often, there is a number to stop at when the first person to get that point wins.ex. Game to 21, win by 2 to 30. This means, they'd go win by 2 until 30. The 1st person to get to 30 wins and there is no rally after.If it is in a match, it is best out of 3, so you cannot have a tie.

What actors from the 2013 Oscars also won in the past?

Here are the overall Oscar nominations and wins for actors honored at the 85th Academy Awards, held on February 24, 2013. The 2012 winners are in bold.Best Actor:Bradley Cooper,"Silver Linings Playbook" (first nomination).Daniel Day-Lewis, "Lincoln" (five nominations, three wins).Hugh Jackman, "Les Misérables" (first nomination).Joaquin Phoenix, "The Master" (three nominations, no wins).Denzel Washington, "Flight" (six nominations, two wins).Best Actress:Jessica Chastain, "Zero Dark Thirty" (two nominations, no wins).Jennifer Lawrence, "Silver Linings Playbook" (two nominations, one win).Emmanuelle Riva,"Amour" (first nomination).Quvenzhané Wallis, "Beasts of the Southern Wild" (first nomination).Naomi Watts in "The Impossible" (two nominations, no wins).Best Supporting Actor:Alan Arkin, "Argo" (four nominations, one win).Robert De Niro, "Silver Linings Playbook" (seven nominations, two wins).Philip Seymour Hoffman,"The Master" (four nominations, one win).Tommy Lee Jones,"Lincoln" (four nominations, one win).Christoph Waltz, "Django Unchained" (two nominations, two wins).Best Supporting Actress:Amy Adams, "The Master" (four nominations, no wins).Sally Field, "Lincoln" (three nominations, two wins).Anne Hathaway, "Les Misérables" (two nominations, one win).Helen Hunt, "The Sessions" (two nominations, one win).Jacki Weaver, "Silver Linings Playbook" (two nominations, no wins).

What is the record for cubs vs pirates last 4 years?

2005: Cubs 11 wins, Pirates 5 wins 2006: Cubs 6 wins, Pirates 9 wins 2007: Cubs 8 wins, Pirates 7 wins 2008: Cubs 14 wins, Pirates 4 wins 2005-2008: Cubs 39 wins, Pirates 25 wins

Who would win gogeta or broly?

Gogeta wins & Broly can't gain no power. Broly cannot beat everyone who has a higher level than a SSJ.

Most motogp wins?

Agostini 123 wins; Rossi 100 wins

Who is the most famous baseball pitcher of all time?

Probably Cy Young, the all time leader in wins (as well as losses) and for whom the Major League Baseball's best pitcher of the year awards are named.

What 5 pitchers won 90 plus games in 3 consecutive years total?

Since 1901: 1) Walter Johnson - 33 wins in 1912, 36 wins in 1913, 28 wins in 1914, 97 wins total. 2) Christy Mathewson - 30 wins in 1903, 33 wins in 1904, 31 wins in 1905, 94 wins total. 3) Grover Cleveland Alexander - 31 wins in 1915, 33 wins in 1916, 30 wins in 1917, 94 wins total. 4) Cy Young - 33 wins in 1901, 32 wins in 1902, 28 wins in 1903, 93 wins total. 5) Jack Chesbro - 28 wins in 1902, 21 wins in 1903, 41 wins in 1904, 90 wins total. Many pitchers won 90+ games total in three consecutive seasons in the 1800s, back when pitchers were throwing every three days if not fewer.

On total drama action who wins?

duncan wins, but there is an alternate ending when Beth wins

What is the record between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox each of the last 5 years?

Season series between the Yankees and Red Sox since 2000: 2000 - Yankees 7 wins, Red Sox 6 wins 2001 - Yankees 13 wins, Red Sox 5 wins 2002 - Yankees 10 wins, Red Sox 9 wins 2003 - Yankees 10 wins, Red Sox 9 wins 2004 - Red Sox 11 wins, Yankees 8 wins 2005 - Yankees 10 wins, Red Sox 9 wins 2006 - Yankees 11 wins, Red Sox 8 wins 2007 - Yankees 10 wins, Red Sox 8 wins 2008 - Yankees 6 wins, Red Sox 5 wins through the games played on July 26.

Which team has won the champions league the most times?

Real Madrid with 9 wins AC Milan with 7 wins Liverpool with 5 wins Bayern Munich with 4 wins Barcelona with 4 wins Ajax Amsterdam with 4 wins

How many playoff wins did Terry Bradshaw have?

Terry Bradshaw had 14 playoff wins. 1972 (1 win), 1974 (3 wins), 1975 (3 wins), 1976 (1 win), 1978 (3 wins) and 1979 (3 wins).

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