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Germany suffered the most dead of any Axis country in WW2, losing some 4.3 military killed or missing, plus an estimated 635,000 civilians killed by the Allied bombing raids. There are no reliable records of the wounded.

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What axis power that suffered the most wounded military personnel was?

Germany suffered the most with an estimation of 3,500,000 deaths.

Why are military dog tags used?

Identification purposes of wounded and dead personnel.

Are Purple Hearts for wounded and injured soldiers only?

It is issued to military personnel only.

How do you earn a purple heart?

you get injured in battleThe purple heart is awarded to military personnel who were wounded during service -- particularly if they were wounded during a war.

Who suffered the greatest number of both civilian and military dead and wounded in World War 2?


Which countries lost the most people in World war 1?

Germany and Britain both suffered heavy casualties, as did Russia.Answer:Allied Powers:Military dead: 5,525,000Military wounded: 12,831,500Military missing: 4,121,000Central Powers:Military dead: 4,386,000Military wounded: 8,388,000Military missing: 3,629,000

What nation suffered the greatest number of both civilian and military dead and wounded in world war 2?

Soviet Union

How many American soldiers were injured when the Japanese attacked at Pearl Harbor?

The official death toll of military personnel was 2,345; plus 1,247 wounded.

What are the names of wounded and killed American soldiers in Iraq?

Wounded tend not to be listed, for various reasons. However, the Military Times has kept a pretty comprehensive list of personnel killed in OIF and OEF. See related link at the bottom.

What is the difference between the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart?

The Bronze Star is a medal awarded to military personnel for acts of merit and bravery. The Purple Heart is a medal awarded to military personnel who have been wounded or killed in combat with any enemy against the United States or opposing enemy force.

What effects did the Vietnam War have on health in the world?

The Vietnam War was a conventional war; it did not involve nuclear weapons, so there was no poisoning of the atmosphere from radiation or nuclear fallout. As far as medical treatments for personnel encountered during the war; US Military Medical Personnel conducted medical treatment on nearly all people that came into contact with US military personnel, in the war zone or not. This included wounded enemy personnel.

Why are military personnel awarded purple hearts?

If you are wounded while serving in the military or killed in action you can be awarded a purple heart. The President of the United States is usually the one who awards the military member or family member with the honor of the purple heart medal.

How many soldiers have been wounded in the Afghanistan war?

Terrorists? Or Coalition military personnel? Or Afghanistan security forces? Or US Airmen, or US Marines, or US Soldiers?

1942 Death and wounded Lists for the German military?

WWII did not end in Europe until March 8, 1945, so the casualty tally is of the whole war. German military suffered ~5 million deaths overall.

How many troops did Britain lose in World War 2?

Great Britain suffered ...Military:400,000 killed.300,000 wounded26,000 missingCivilian: 60,000 killed.

How many Americans were wounded at Pearl Harbor?

1,178 wounded, this is civilians & military.

A medical unit and its personnel are deprived of the protection of the Geneva Convention on the Wounded and Sick if the unit and personnel are protected by sentries or by an escort?


How many casualities did the US suffer in World War 1?

The USA lost 116,708 military personnel during the war, with an additional 205,690 wounded. 750 US civilians were also killed.

How many people were killed missing in action or wounded from the Vietnam War?

The US suffered about 58,000 killed, 2,000 missing and 305,000 wounded.

How many Americans were wounded in world war 1?

According to American War and Military Operations Casualties: Lists and Statistics, a report by Hannah Fischer, Information Research Specialist with Knowledge Services Group, there were 204,002 U.S. military wounded (not fatally) in World War I

How many wounded soldiers in world war 1?

About 21,228,000 military personel wounded in total.

What is military order of the Purple Heart?

It is a medal awarded to US military personnel who are wounded or killed while engaging an enemy force. It may be awarded to members of all branches of the United States Armed Forces who have sacrificed their lives or well-being in battle.

How many casualtiesdeaths wounded MIA were suffered in the Civil War?

Numbers vary, around 600,000 killed and 500,00 to 600,000 wounded. Not sure on MIA.

Is a platoon medic not considered a POW if captured by the enemy?

Answer:According to the Geneva Convections and the US DoD Pamphlet of the Law of War. Your Medical Personnel that are exclusively engaged in the treatment of the wounded are considered retained personnel and are repatriated as soon as conditions and times are meet.

Do same-sex spouses of active US military personnel receive benefits as Wounded Warrior Designated Caregiver?

Yes, effective February 11, 2013. This benefit was specifically enumerated among those that are available immediately to same-sex spouses of US military personnel in a memo from Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta. This represents a change in policy as of this date.