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Q: Accumulating data on citizens done today and during ancient Greece is called the?
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What were the common people called in ancient Greece?


What is a piece of broken pottery used in votes to eject citizens from assemblies in ancient Greece called?

help !!

What is the culture of ancient rome and Greece called?

what is The culture of ancient Greece and Rome called

What are the names of people who can be on a jury at a trial in ancient Greece?

The citizens - adult males -were called up for jury service.

What are citizens of Greece called?


What is Greece called today?

What is Ancient Greece called today

The culture of ancient Greece and Rome is called?

The culture of Ancient Greece and Rome was called classical.

What is the name for Greek citizens?

Greek. Citizens of Greece are called Greeks.

Who was invovled in Ancient Greece in the government called Democracy?

The adult male citizens. Democracy comes from the Greek words for People Power.

What two rights did citizens have in Ancient Greece?

To vote in political assembly and in the courts as jurymen. Plus the obligation to serve in the army when called out.

What was the Ancient Greece Underwood called?

It was called the Underworld.

In ancient Greece what were scientists called?

They were called it vanswega

What a ancient Greece coin is called?

It was called mna

What is the marketplace of Greece?

The marketplace of ancient Greece was called agora/ αγορά.

What is life like in ancient Greece today?

Ancient Greece doesnt exist anymore. Thats why its called ancient:) Life in normal Greece is, well, normal!

What were officials in ancient Greece called?


What was the hilltop in ancient Greece called?


The marketplace in ancient Greece was called?

an agora

What is the study of ancient Greece called?

This is poopy! :)

What is religion of ancient Greece called?


What was the Olympics called in ancient Greece?

They were called the olympic games!

What were the Dardanelles called in the time of ancient Greece?

it was called "hellespontus"

A place of assembly or market place in ancient Greece?

An assembly place of marketplace in ancient Greece was called an agora.

What was the name of female oracles in ancient Greece?

In ancient Greece or Roma what was a woman believed to be an oracle or prophetess called?

What was the ancient name of Greece?

Collectively the city states in the area were called Greece.