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The twisting of wires reduce crosstalk because when electrical current flows through a wire, it creates a small, circular magnetic field around the wire. When two wires in an electrical circuit are placed close together, their magnetic fields are the exact opposite of each other. Thus, the two magnetic fields cancel each other out. They also cancel out any outside magnetic fields. Twisting the wires can enhance this cancellation effect.

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Q: Advantage and disadvantage of twisted pair cable coxial cable and fiber optic cable?
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What is the form of the signal in twisted pair cable and coxial cable?

Twisted pair wiring is a digital signal.Coaxial cable is an analog signal.

What is the form of the signal in twisted-pair cable and coaxial cable?

Electrical signal - is used by twisted pair cable and coxial. Light signal - is used by fiber optic.

Are twisted pair wire and coxial cable the same?

No. Coaxial cable is a single wire that has a thick coating around it. A common use of coaxial cable is for cable television. This is the cable that goes from the jack on the wall into your cable box. Twisted pair contains multiple cables which are split into pairs and twisted together. CAT5/CAT5e/CAT6 cable are all examples of twisted pair. There are a total of 8 wires inside. Every two wires are twisted together to form a pair. The purpose of the cables being twisted together is to reduce electrical interference between the wires.

Advantages of twisted cable?

UTP and STP are twisted cables, the advantage of this is: it cancels out some of the electrical interference.

Major advantage of shielded twisted-pair over unshielded twisted-pair cable?

Shielded twisted will pick up much less noise and interference from electromagnetic radiation than an unshielded cable.

What is a disadvantageof using the twisted pair cable?

The disadvantage is that attenuation increases with frequency above 100 kHz in these cables.

What is the Advantage of having twists in a twisted pair cable?

Twists in the cable help to prevent crosstalk, which happens when adjacent wires in a cable interfere with each other.

What is the speed of coxial cable?

10mbs. It's known as RG58. Max length is 185 meters.

What are the disadvantages of unshielded twisted pair?

Unshielded Twisted Pair, or UTP, cable can receive unwanted interference and data from other close network cables. This is the largest disadvantage to UTP. The other disadvantage is that the signal being carried on the cable can leak to other nearby cables. Both of these conditions can be very detrimental to the network

What type og cabling is used for cable modems?

Coxial cable is used from the wall to the modem. From the modem to the computer an RJ-45, or ethernet, cable is used.

Difference between coaxial cable and twisted pair cable?

describe Difference between coaxial cable and twisted pair cable? describe Difference between coaxial cable and twisted pair cable?

Why twisted cable is twisted?

To negate creating a uniform magnetic field from the cable.

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