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Advantage of sea transport?

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One advantage of sea transport is that you can ship very large items this way. In many cases this is the only suitable option for shipping.

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What are disadvantages and advantages of sea transport?

Advantage: getting to relax and enjoy the sea Disadvantage: Price,sea sickness,nausea,slow moving

Advantage and disadvantage of sea transport?

Advantages of sea transport are being able to ship things internationally for less than it costs to fly them. Disadvantages would be the chance of a shipwreck.

Why is Rome's location on the Italian peninsula an advantage?

It was near the sea, necessary for communications and food imports in a world without mechanical transport.

What are the types of transport?

air transport land transport sea transport pipe Line transport

What are advantage of water transport?

a shark

What are the advantage and disadvantage of air transport?

An obvious advantage of air transport is that it is the fastest method of transportation. Unfortunately, flights can be delayed by weather.

What are disadvantages of sea transport?

Sea transport really only works in conjunction with road transport which is essential to continue the journey of the goods to their final destination.

What are the disadvantages of sea transport?

Slower than other means of transport.

What is the advantage of pipeline transportation?

pipeline transport eases transport through timely delivery and timely departures

How did the North have advantage of the Mississippi river?

They could transport supplies from there

What was the Black Sea used for?

to transport goods

How do you transport clams?

In a bucket of sea water.

Why did businesses prefers to use sea transport instead of air transport?

Volume capabilities and cost.

Why did Phoenicians rely on sea for trade?

In a pre-mechanical transport era, it was impractical to move heavy cargo by land over longer distances, and sea transport was the answer.

What is the kenan advantage group newest acquisition?

The newest acquisition to the Kenan Advantage Group was Transport Service Co., as of October of 2014. Transport Service Co. is an Illinois based motor service carrier company.

What is the trade in Egypt?

The demand for trade is the development in transport such as air transport sea tranport such as the Suez canal as well as road transport such as trains.

How do you use transport in a sentence?

It was fairly expensive to transport his limousine to Japan. The soldiers spent a miserable day crossing the sea in a transport ship.

How does Romania ship their products?

Romania use sea transport, Danube, railways, highways and air transport.

How did the goods get to Rome?

Rome's goods came mostly by sea as it was so much cheaper than ox carts. Sea transport out-competed road transport beyond a distance of about sixty miles. A few exotica came partly by land to the coast for sea transport onwards - eg spices from Asia.

What are types of transport?

By land, by sea, and by air. Transport are objects that move by an engine example cars,planes,boats

What is the least expensive method to ship to Moldova?

sea transport

How does the sea transport material across the beach?

Longshore Drift

What transport is there to get to Spain?

Sea, air, ground (incl. rail) ?

Why were the sailboats invented?

To travel and transport things across the sea.

When did the transport of gold start by sea?

through the pacifi ocean

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