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In old machines floppy drives were primarily used for booting up the machine. Floppy drive has a very small memory capacity. Almost all of the latest Operating Systems are larger than a Floppy drive capacity of e.g. 1.44MB. Floppy's are not as reliable as other media and can easily get corrupted.

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Advantages of floppy drive in the computer?

Not many these days. A floppy holds a miserably small amount of data.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of 3.5'' Floppy disks?

Advantages - NoneDisadvantages - TINY TINY TINY Storage- Rubbish size/storage ratio (size of disc)- they are obsolete surelyI built a new PC and didnt include a disc drive because they are pointlessfor the price of a disc drive you can get a 8 gig USB stick

What are floppy diskette drives?

Floppy diskette drives read and write information to a single rotating disk that can be removed from the drive.

Advantages and disadvantages of CD drive?

i don need answer

What is the name of the single directory created when a floppy drive or logical drive is first formatted?

root directory

What is the disadvantages of a floppy disc?

There are several disadvantage of floppy disc. First disadvantage is minimum space to restore data, processing slow of floppy disk, difficult to keep it and so on. Currently most of the system have no floppy drive.

You dont have a floppy drive how do you add pics from a floppy disk?

By buying a floppy drive. You can buy an external USB floppy drive for under $50.

What allan shugart invented?


Which OS has a floppy drive?

The OS is a program. The computer has the floppy drive.

How do you know which drive is the floppy drive?

Typically, the A drive is the floppy drive; the C drive is the hard drive; and the D drive is the CD drive.

What is the difference between a floppy disk and a floppy drive?

A floppy disk is a magnetic disk used to store computer data. A floppy drive is the drive that the disk is inserted into to read and write data on the floppy disk.

How does floppy disk write protection work?

in a floppy drive, a small pin hits the area where that little switch is on the floppy. if it passes through, the floppy drive detects the floppy as write/read. it it doesn't pass through, the floppy drive detects the floppy as read only

How many floppy disks are in a hard drive?

There are no floppy disks in a hard drive.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a zip drive?

the disks themselves cost alot more than DVD's or CDR's. not many computers madehave Zip Drives especially now.. so you will need a portable type zip drive to use it on many machines and will will have to carry a hard drive sized box with you everywhere you go! they are pretty pointless now with the advent of DVD's!! No advantages lots of disadvantages, a no brainer really...dont bother with one! They are better then a Floppy disk though!

What is a floppy disk drive?

A computer floppy drive is the device that reads and writes to a floppy disk. It is located on the front of the Computer.

What are the disadvantages to using a zip drive?

If a Floppy Disk is put into the zip drive then either the zip drive or the Floppy Disk can be damaged. There are also advantages to using a zip are some:They have lots of memory for you to store things in. it can be used as back up for computer files.They play and record things from the Zip Disk.There are lots of other advantages but you know!!! =]ANYHOWZlove miss.m XXXxXXXxxXp.s. dont you find it really nnoying when you ask a question and then you get a really bad answer???? i do xxx jks

What is the name of the single directory created when a floppy disk or logical drive is first formatted?

root directory

What is a floppy drive data cable?

a cable for connecting a floppy drive to the computer motherboard.

Which is more important CD-ROM or floppy drive?

CDROM floppy drive

How many heads are in a floppy drive actuator?

There are two heads on a floppy drive actuator.

What are the disadvantages of the floppy disc?

They're large, they only hold so much and aren't rewrite-able (you can't save multiple things on a floppy). A better alternative would be a USB drive.

What is the Media name for floppy disk?

floppy drive

What are some advantages and disadvantages of using a flash drive?

ADVANTAGES.They are more compact and portable than floppy disks or CDs/DVDs.They hold more data than a floppy disk and nowadays often more than a CD.They are more reliable than a floppy disk because they have no moving parts.They are being developed with fashionable looking outer castings and are almost becoming a 'fashion accessory' much in a way of a mobile phone.DISADVANTAGES.At the moment, the cost per megabyte of storage is more expensive than floppy disks, CDs or DVDs.They can easily be lost.The metal part which is inserted into the USB port can snap off if they are handled roughly.

What power connector attaches a floppy drive?

The four pin Floppy drive power cable...

What a floppy drive is used for in a computer?

for putting floppy disks in it