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Burning coal for elstricity has no advandages, it only causes disadvantages like making the air polluted and bad for the workers health.

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The only advantage of producing electricity from coal is that it will cost cheaper.

Coal is abundant and easy to convert into electricity.

82% comes from coal burning. Hope that helps!

burning coal releases heat, and that heat turns a turbine, which generates electricity.

It's not !... Burning coal to generate electricity produces HUGE amounts of carbon dioxide - which affects the weather.

The burning of coal itself does not release electrical energy, coal is burned to drive a turbine, the turbine in turn produces electricity.

Coal is one of the most abundantCoal is Inexpensive when compared to other fossil fuelsCoal is versatile enough to be used for recessional activities such as barbecues or simply for home friesBurning coal can produce useful byproducts that can be used for industries or productsElectricity produced by coal is reusableCoal can be safely stored and can be drawn upon to create energy in time of emergency

Bosnia produces electricity mainly from thermoelectricty by burning coal, and from hydro sources.

No. We can get electricity from wind power, hydropower, solar cells, and from burning renewable fuels.

Coal is used for burning to make heat. At home in a fire, at a power station to generate electricity.

An electricity generation station that is powered by burning the fossil fuel called "coal".

burning coal to generate electricity. chemical to thermal to mechanical to electricity.

They produce electricity be burning coal and then the coal is used to heat, light and do lots of other things.

Coal mining is done to collect coal, which can be used for a number of things. Coal can be used for burning in power plants for electricity, and can be condensed into diamonds.

Most coal is used in the production of electricity by burning the coal to heat water to power steam turbines that run generators.

Electricity is electricity . . . it does not matter whether it was created by falling water, burning coal or oil, or by a nuclear power plant.

Coal burning (for electricity), oil products for transport

The main use of coal is in the creation of electricity via burning to power generators. Another less prevalent use of coal is in home heating with coal stoves.

Burning coal in itself does not create electricity. Burning coal and using the heat to power turbines or generators is the manner in which electricity is created.-----------oooooooooooooo-------------Coal is used to boil water to steam. Steam is used to turn a turbine (a type of steam engine). The turbine turns an electric generator (dynamo or alternator) and electricity is generated. Those big fat towers outside power stations, that newsreaders try to convince us are chimneys, are actually water recycling, cooling towers.

The US had an abundance of coal and natural gas. It is estimated that 50% of the electricity generated in the US was from coal through burning fossil fuels.

Coal power stations burn coal to heat water to produce steam, which is then used to spin electricity turbines to generate electricity. The burning coal releases carbon dioxide.Wind farms have blades which turn in the wind to spin electricity turbines to generate electricity. There are no harmful carbon dioxide emissions.

Burning coal to generate electricity releases the most carbon dioxide of the fossil fuels.

No. Most of our energy comes from burning coal.

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