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The advantages include: limited liability, separate legal entity, can raise large capital and freely transferable. Cadburys is a limited company which can sell its shares on the stock exchange.


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Cadburys company has been being operated at more than 50 countries world wide.

Some advantages of modular PLC are that they have multiple I/O modules, enabled mixing and matching, able to be upgraded later on, and better expansion options, and easier troubleshooting. The main disadvantage is that it is expensive.

A Soft-Logic-Controller is a PC being used as a Programmable Logic Controller, or PLC.

Iceland Foods, PLC has several corporate objectives. Some of these include being a responsible retailer, and being the seller of pure foods.

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There are a number of advantages for using PLC(Programmable Logic Controller) control compared to other conventional types of control.Here are a few examples:With a large control scheme, a PLC takes up less room.You can change your control scheme (program) without having to physically change the wiring to a number of relays.A PLC is relatively much faster and allows for closer process tolerances.A PLC is more reliable as there are no moving parts.

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cadburys choclate is one of the most poplour choclate companysby emily

50% Pearson PLC owner of the Financial Times. The other 50% is owned by The Rothchild Banking Family of England, Cadburys, Schroder and other family interests as well as a number of staff and former staff shareholders.

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There are different communication protocols between PLC and the SCADA. Popular SCADA being PC based, most used communication protocol is ethernet/IP. The PLC tags are used to build the objects in SCADA so that Actions or states or status or parameters of PLC are displayed on SCADA.

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Off-line programming: allows development and modification of programs without having to be connected to the PLC processor On-line programming: ability to create and modify and monitor program sequences and data while the PLC processor is on-line and in the RUN mode

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