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One advantage to having a private company is the fact that you can do what you want without consulting the Board of Directors. Private businesses don't have to release documents to the Securities Exchange Commission.


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One disadvantage of being a private limited company is that they payer high taxes. An advantage of being a private limited company is that shareholders have limited liability.

A limited liability company, or LLC, is its own entity and can possess assets, property, and liability. This allows you shield your personal assets from the assets of the limited liability company.

Once you form a Private Ltd company it is useful in two ways1. Your Company name and Identity will be focused in India ( Because the name what you select will not have similar name in India)2. Once.recognized formal structure limited libality to pay dividends in lieu of salary separation of personal and company assets continuity of business beyond the individuals

There are many advantages and disadvantages to being an unlisted company. Advantages would be being more private and not being overwhelmed with potential clients. However, there is more of a disadvantage than anything. Most people will not be able to search for your company online because it is unlisted, so you will lose out on money that way.

The advantages include: limited liability, separate legal entity, can raise large capital and freely transferable. Cadburys is a limited company which can sell its shares on the stock exchange.

a common seal of a private limited company is the official signature of the company being a separate entity. it must contain a company name and should be used on all valid documents or on any document to be valid. any person authorised by the company to enter into an agreement with others should have his signature and company's common seal to justify its validity.

Swift Transportation, Inc. went from being a public company to a private company in 2007. However, it went back to being a public company in 2010.

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Private companies generally have fewer reporting requirements. This helps a company keep competitive information from competitors. It also takes away some of the pressure to get short-term results. Holders of public equity often look a the latest public information to judge the value of a stock while holders of private equity are known to be more patient. As a result, it is common for private companies to outperform public companies.

There are many advantages of maintaining records of stocks. These advantages include but are not limited to being able to observe trends.

CONTINUITY: the death or retirement of a shareholder will not hamper the operation of the business. LIABILITY: the liability of the shareholder is limited to their investment's. This clause also protects their personal property from being liquidated to cover any debts of the company. The company has it's own legal identity

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when a company fixes the maximum liabilty of its members it is considered as being a limted company by share or gurantee.

By selling the company into 'shares' of the company. Shares being a piece of the company whereby 'shareholders' can receive dividends of the profits.

I can only answer from a UK perspective, but here the difference is mainly to do with ownership. A 'normal' company is classed as a sole trader and so the money of the company and the owner are seen as the same. If the company gets into debt or is sued, the money can be taken from the company and the owner. So the owner could lose their house, personal savings etc. The benefit of being a sole trader is that the legal requirements are pretty straight-forward so it is easier to keep accounts and complete tax returns. A limited company means that the company and the owner are separate. Debts can only be paid from the money the company has - the owner cannot lose their private property. The downside to a limited company is that it is often more expensive to run, as there are more legal requirements, such as accounts need to be published and audited. It can be more tax efficient to run a limited company though.

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The biggest advantage is that the liability of the owners of the corporations is limited to the extent of their financial involvement. There are many advantages to being a corporation. These advantages include name protection, additional credibility, tax breaks, and perpetual existence.

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Yes, as long as they have followed the proper progressive disciplinary steps and the employee is not being fired just because they are on limited duty.

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