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Advantages of fpga over dsp and asic?

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FPGA have less density. Moreover , it is gaining more market share due to it's reasonable NRE (Non Recurrent Engineering) cost and fast time to implement and manufacture in the market.

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What are the difference between FPGA and DSP?

The major difference is that, a DSP is a chip which can be programmed based on our requirement, whereas an FPGA can be programmed to design a chip for our own purpose. FPGA can also be reprogrammed based on the changes in our application.

How can you display an image using fpga?

FPGA is a programmable device you have to interface this with a display device and input device to get image. Then you can write a logic to process the image for the very particular device. This is little tough job so take support from DSP for more complicated formats.

What has the author Yu-chuan Lin written?

Yu-chuan Lin has written: 'An ASIC based DSP design for automatic inter-device analysis in high-speed digital systems'

What are the advantages of digital signal processor processors over conventional microprocessors?

the architeecture of dsp processors supports fast processing arrays and it allows parallel execution. it has separate program and data memories.

What is DSP Group's population?

The population of DSP Group is 2,009.

What is the difference between embedded dsp and dsp embedded?

Product branding.

Do dsp engineering jobs pay well?

It's hard to find the exact pay roles for a DSP engineering job but there are some high paying jobs in this field all over the place. Here is a site where you can get more information:

Why you are using DSP controllers in motor?

Any controller used in motors or electrical drives are only to get variable speed or variable torque or to get higher efficiency. The controller can be anything, it might be micro controller or it can be DSP controller or may be other. But DSP controller finds some advantages over micro controller. Both the controllers are Digital controllers only, but DSP controller has inbuilt Analog to Digital converter, inbuilt Digital to analog converter , inbuilt counter and inbuilt pulse generator. With a micro controller we need to assemble all the above converters, counters and pulse generators externally, so DSP based electrical drives are more popular though the cost is more compared to micro controllers.

Full form of DSP?

DSP Departmentally stands forDeputy Superintendent Police.Department of Security and protocol.Department of Science and Pharmacy.DSP is a micro processor technically stands forDigital Signal Processing.For a system DSP standsDynamic System Project.DSP stands for a name.D S Prabhudas.

Full form of dsp merill lynch?

DSP stands for D S Prabhudas.

Is algorithm design part of the description of a dsp engineering job?

It appears that algorithm design is a part of having a DSP engineering job. To find out what exactly a DSP engineer may have to do, visit

What is dsp?

A digital signal processor (DSP) is a type of microprocessor - one that is incredibly fast and powerful. A DSP is unique because it processes data in real time. This real-time capability makes a DSP perfect for applications where we won't tolerate any delays

What does asp and dsp in police force stands for?

DSP - Deputy Superintendent of PoliceASP - Assistant Superintendent of Police

Who is dsp Imran Babar Jamil?

DSP means Deputy Superintendant of Police,Pakistan.Imran Babar Jamil is a police officer

Which is the biggest post in police sp or dsp?

dsp means deputy superdient of police and sp means superident of police

Who is current DSP ahmednagar?


Why DSP processor is used in cell phones?

You need DSP processors to encode/decode the signals, performs channel encoding and source encoding.

What is a DSP date in jail?

display date

Dsp architecture cisc or risc?


What does dsp date mean?

Display date

Who invented dsp processor?

Jesse Russell

What does dsp stand for in cooking?

It stands for dessertspoon

Who is current dsp sargodha?

M Aslam

What are the applications of DSP?

Following are the application of DSP: Telecommunication Consumer Electronics Military Radar Instrumentation and control Image Processing Medicine Speech Processing

What ingredients do you need to make ice cream?

125ml double cream 2 heaped dsp natural yoghurt 2 level dsp icing sugar :-)

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