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presentation of analog digital hybrid modulation

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What are the advantages of digital modulation over analog modulation?

1)digital modulation can easily detect and correct the noise. where as analog modulation has little complexity 2)security is more in digital modulation 3)digital modulated signal can traverse a long distance compared to analog modulation

What are the advantages frequency modulation amplitude modulation?

Frequency modulation have some advantages over amplitude modulation, FM is not sensitive to the amplitude noise, and have high efficient use of transmitted power

Advantages of ask modulation over other digital modulation techniques?

the only advantage is generation of ASK is very much easy. as,it is known as on-off keying. otherwise,it is not advantageous,as,it has highest rate of probability of error......

What is the need of digital modulation scheme?

The aim of digital modulation is to transfer a digital bit stream over an analog bandpass channel, for example over the public switched telephone network (where a filter limits the frequency range to between 300 and 3400 Hz) or a limited radio frequency band.

What is the digital pulse modulation?

There are 3 main types of digital pulse modulation:Pulse time modulation (PTM), somewhat similar to analog phase modulation.Pulse width modulation (PWM), the width of the pulse represents the signal.Pulse code modulation (PCM), serial transmission of binary bits forming numeric or character codes that represent the signal.All of these can be modulated on an RF carrier using any of the standard modulation techniques: AM, FM, Phase Modulation, etc. One advantage with AM digital pulse modulation techniques over AM analog is that the carrier can be 100% modulated, which cannot be done with analog, thereby allowing significant reductions in transmitter power without loss of coverage range. Sometimes FM digital pulse modulation techniques are referred to as Frequency Shift Keying (FSK). A very complex method of combining Phase Modulation and AM to increase the bit density of digital pulse modulation on an RF carrier is called Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM).

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what are the advantages of amplitude modulation over frequency modulation?

What are the advantages of a digital radio over an analog radio?

The advantages of digital radio over analog radio are digital radios get more channels than analog, they are clearer in sound and signal and have more additional features.

Advantages of digital over analog multi-tester?

There are several advantages of digital over analogue multi-tester. The digital multi tester has improved accuracy and is very simple to use unlike the analogue type. .

What are the advantages of using digital projectors over large screen tvs?

There are a few different advantages to using a digital projector over a large screen television. Some of the advantages are better color, better picture, and sharper images. However, digital projectors are more expensive than large screen televisions.

what are three advantages of digital x-rays over film x-rays?

they are fast ,they are less expensive ,they use lower amount of radiation

What are the advantages of an analog watch over a digital one?

The advantages of an analog watch over a digital watch are that analog watches can be more durable in some facets, than a digital one. Many watch enthusiasts also feel that analog watches are more aesthetically pleasing than digital watches.

Any advantages to buying a diesel hybrid?

There may be certain tax credits involved in buying a hybrid car. Although there are more environmental advantages to buying a purely electric car like the Toyota Prius over a gas electric or diesel electric hybrid.

Advantages of digital signal?

Advantages include: digital signals carry more information and maintain their quality over long distances. Digital signals are a series of pulses consisting of just two states, ON-1 or OFF-0.

Advantages of digital signals over analog signals?

Digital signals are less prone to noise or distortion than analogue signals

What are the advantages of digital system over an analog system?

The advantage of the digital system over the analog system is that the signals are transmitted without degradation unlike the analog systems.

What are the advantages of digital over analog?

One advantage of digital over analog is the time it takes to download information. Analog can be very slow at times. Digital also offers a wider range of information that can be transmitted. The use of satellites for digital allows this.

What are the advantages and the disadvantages of a hydrogen fuel cell car over a hybrid car?

Advantages are very low emissions. Disadvantage is rarity of hydrogen fuel stations.

How was the digital camera made?

Some people thought that digital photography would offer some advantages over film-based photography, so they developed digital cameras.

Indicate three major advantages of digital transmission over analog transmission?

Digital signals do not get corrupted by noise. They can be encrypted, so signal security is high in digital system. Error Correction can be applied in a digital signal.

What are the advantages of digital technology over analog technology?

Digital technology is not corrupted by noise, digital signal typically uses less bandwidth, digital signals can be encrypted,and they are less costly, easier to use, and easier to manipulate.

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