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Advantages of mining uranium?


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it gets you uranium, if you have uses for uranium.

beyond that i am not sure exactly what kind of answer you were looking for.

there are several hundred possible uses for uranium, most of them totally non-nuclear.

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Uranium mining can be either by open pit mining or by underground mining.

Uranium mining and nuclear energy are not contributors to global warming.

Uranium mining is dangerous because uranium is a radioactive substance. Such substances cause harm (even cancer).

Uranium is a product of mining industry.

There are different methods of uranium mining. These include open pit mining, underground mining, and in situ leaching. Research is being done into extracting uranium from sea water.

Advantages: - Uranium is a very useful metal with many applications. - Uranium is the most important source of dollars for the Australian population. Disadvantages: - Uranium is toxic and radioactive. Accidents can release uranium, radium, radon into soils, waters and atmosphere.

Uranium mining don't release carbon dioxide.

Uranium mining and diamond mining are two distinct and separate endeavors that do not occur together. There is no uranium in raw diamonds.

Uranium mining is very dangerous. Uranium emits radon gas, which increases cancer risk with long term exposure.

Uranium is extracted from the Earth crust by mining.

Uranium is recovered by mining and chemical processing.

Uranium is a product mining, similar to other metals.

the advantages of surface miningSurface mining is saferSurface mining is cheaper,Surface mining is faster

Africa is the continent which is famous for its diamond,gold,uranium and copper mining.

every where, all over the world people are mining uranium.

I think you must of mis understood something. People mine for gold and uranium (uranite) at the same time they don't use uranium while they are mining. Considering all these mining explosions it is a stupid idea.

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Uranium is toxic and radioactive (also the compounds of uranium).

Uranium is extracted from the earth by mining; after this it is processed by chemical/metallurgical procedures.

Uranium is extracted from the earth by mining; after this it is processed by chemical/metallurgical procedures.

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Uranium is not used for the radiations emitted.

Uranium hasn't medical uses.

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