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African name of the lion?


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The Swahili word for lion is "simba".


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Panthera leo is the scientific name for the African lion.

The binomial name of the African lion is Panthera leo.

From the term 'lion' it is African for 'wild' and 'wild' is in lots of animal name example 'tigers' which is Dutch for 'wild' so they made 'lion' out of African jungle

No Puma is another name for a mountain lion but not an African or Asiatic lion.

The lion, also known as the African Lion.

The Latin name for the African Lion is Panthera LeoLeoleo

how tall can a African lion get

Indian Lion Barbary Lion White Lion West African Lion North East Congo Lion East African Lion Cape Lion

A Lion is an African cat.

The duration of The African Lion is 1.25 hours.

african lions are the strongest lions in the world

The African lion - ALL cats - are definitely mammals.

The African Lion was created on 1955-09-14.

African Lion Safari was created in 1969.

A group of lions is called a pride. There is no special name for a group of lion cubs.

I think African lions are larger than an asiastic lion

Asiatic Lion,West African Lion,Northeast Congo Lion,East African or Massai Lion,Southwest African or Katanga Lion,Southeast African Lion or Transvaal Lion

The genus name is Panthera. Leo is the species name.

African lion is more dangerous because lion is the second largest cat after the tiger.

No, the African lion is an apex predator - the "top dog" in Africa.

is a African lion classified as a vertebrate or invertebrate

Sorry, barbary. You are a lion, but not the king lion. That one is the African lion.

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