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Simba is Swahili for a Lion.


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Sorry, barbary. You are a lion, but not the king lion. That one is the African lion.

Widely known African mammals include:elephantgiraffelionhippopotamusgorillachimpanzeeorangutanzebrarhinoceros

That's one of the main places they live in And doesn't AFRICAN lion give you a really big clue?

There are 5 species of lion. The famous African (alive), the Asiatic (endangered), the Barbary (endangered), the Europeon Cave (extinct), and the North American (extinct)There is only one species of lion, divided into seven living sub-species:Asiatic LionBarbary Lion (Extinct in the wild, zoo specimens only)West African LionNortheast Congo LionEast African (Massai) LionSouthwest Africa (Katanga) LionSoutheast AFrican (Transvaal) Lion

lil lion simba, big yellow one is mufasa and black one is scar

yes they do a seal is meatand a lion is a carnivorelions are indigenous to Africa - there are no seals in AfricaA lion might eat a seal if fed one in a zoo.

One. Panthera Leo. There are two subspecies. African lion, Panthera Leo Leo, Asiatic lion, Panthera Leo Persica.

Bogghom is the name of one of the indigenous tribes from Nigeria.

A white lion is a rare color mutation of the Kruger subspecies of African lion found in some wildlife preserves. The white lion is one in a million, or more so one in fifty, chance to find a white lion.

The Species Name is Panthera Leo. Lions are Apex Predators that live in prides. The pride has one or two Male Lions and many female lionesses and cubs.

Inside the lion family usually the females are the ones who hunt. The male lion is dangerous but the females hunt for food

The thornicroft giraffe is indigenous to Zambia.

The fight between a African elephant and African lion is hard to say. Both of them encounter each other in plains of Africa mainly in Serengeti. The lions of Kurger national park is known to kill a lot of elephants. But one problem is a lion alone cannot and never kill an elephant. They are only known to kill one as a pride. If there are a herd of elephants the lions will run away. This show a male African lion alone never wins. The lions can kill only a calf alone. A very large pride of African lion are known to kill a bull-African elephant. The lions always attack the elephants if they are weak, old or carrying a calf. So the winner is African elephants and sometimes African lions.

one of the main ones is a lion. A lion? no. double no. triple no. lions do not live in rain forests. sorry I'm no more help other than the no lion thing...

The scientific name for lion is Panthera leo, a member of the "Felidae" family.Panthera leo is the scientific name for the lion.The scientific name for a lion is Panthera leo.The scientific name for a lion is Panthera Leo. It is one of the "Big Cats" typically found in a zoo. The natural habitat of the lion is the grasslands of the Savanna.the scientific name for a lion is Panthera LeoPanthera leo.pantera LeoPanthera leoPanthera leoThe scientific name for the lion is Panthera leo.Panthera leo

Only if he can catch one. And if he can find one, I don't think hawks live in the African safari

It's kind of like a large sausage shape with a leg at each corner and a tail at one end and a large cat like head at the other end

No. However, there is one particular breed that was bred to hunt African lions. The Rhodesian Ridgeback (also called the African Lion Hound) is a breed of dog that was used to hunt and even fight lions in Africa. It is a large breed of dog and a ferocious hunter, and one that is very brave, enough to take on a large lion!

Tigers are not found on the African continent, unless they are in a zoo.

African communication system is the means through which Africans use their own indigenous and original means to transmit ideas and information to one another on a daily basis

The meaning of the African Luo name Awuor is "The greed one."

Indigenous populations in the Americas had been devastated by European diseases.

Which one? There are MANY African languages.

The meaning of the African Luo name Omondi is "one born at dawn".

The meaning of the African Luo name Opiyo is " the first one of twins".

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