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Poland, Czechoslavakia, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Rumania, East Germany, and Bulgaria. Yugoslavia, under Marshal Tito, became independent from the Soviet Union but was a Communist state nevertheless. Rumania, in the 1950's was taken over by Nicholai Czechescu and his wife. They took an independent role in foreign policy and withdrew from the Warsaw Pact. The were still devout Communists and were tyrants. They were executed in 1989.

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Q: After World War 2 what European countries became communist?
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What are the non-communist countries after world war 2?

There were too many countries around the world to name to answer your question. It would be easier to name the communist countries and then you can figure out which countries around the world were not communist countries. These were the communist countries: China, North Korea, The Soviet Union and all its captured countries from World War 2 such as Czecholovakia, Romania, Hungary, Yugoslavia, the Baltic Nations, Lithuania, and others. Later Viet Nam became a communist country when the North Vietnamese defeated South Viet Nam. Most of the non-communist countries became part of the United Nations so you can look on the history of their list of countries.

What are 3 countries that became communist following world war 2?

Russia(USSR), China and North Korea

Why did Hungary have Communism?

All countries that were 'liberated' by the Soviet Union in World War 2 became Communist - latest in 1948.

What was an outcome of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1917?

Answer this question… The Soviet Union became the world's first communist state.

What was Joseph Stalin involvement with Germany after World War 2?

Stalin kept half of Germany. It became known as East Germany and was under Russia's communist rule until the early 1990s.That is why Stalin want control of European countries

What are three countries that became communist following World War 2?

Soviet Union Bulgaria Poland

Is it true that since world war 2 Albania has generally been regarded as part of western Europe?

No, it has always been considered part of the Eastern European Communist countries. Nowadays it it considered one of the eastern European Balkan countries.

What 2 countries were lost to communism after world war ll?

Two countries that were lost to communism after World War II were Czechoslovakia and Hungary. Czechoslovakia fell under communist control in 1948 after a communist coup, and Hungary became a communist state following a Soviet-backed government takeover in 1949.

India became independent after World War 2 because?

After World war II ended, India became an independent country. It did this by taking advantage of the weakness of the European countries.

Why did many eastern European countries become associated with the USSR?

Eastern european countires controlled by the USSR at the end of World War II adopted communist governments under soviet domination

Which world war did the European nation lose most of their colonies?

Most of the countries of the British Empire became independent in the years after World War II.

What African country on the Red Sea became independent immediately after World War 2?

There were many African countries that became independent immediately after World War 2. This was because the European countries that had ownership over the African countries were broke after the war and had no more money to deal with rebuilding the African countries.