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The simple answer to this is yes you can keep the check and spend it on something else. Unless there is a loan on the car. Then the lender will insist that you have it repaired.

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Q: After an accident do you have to use your insurance check or can you opt to live with the damage and spend the money elsewhere?
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How long do you have to claim an accident with an insurance company?

Need to check the state law for the statute of limitations for property damage claims.

Can you claim a broken car rear window on auto insurance?

Depends on what insurance you have. LIABILITY insurance covers damage you cause to other people and their cars. COLLISION covers damage to your car from an accident. COMPREHENSIVE insurace covers fire, theft, flood and broken glass. Check with your insurance company.

Can your 22 yr old son get insurance check for a not at fault accident in your car?

If the check is for the damage to the car, it would go to one of the registered owners. If the check is for injuries, it would go to the injured party.

Where can you find reliable and quality auto insurance in UAE?

Check with Gargash Insurance Services, UAE's leading professional insurance brokers. They offer quality auto insurance policy at affordable premium rates. It covers accidental damage caused to your car and the damage or injury you cause to another vehicle or its driver in an accident or to any 3rd party. Loss of or damage to your car through fire or theft is also covered.

Do you have to use an insurance check to repair minor accident damage or can you leave the dent and use the money for something else?

No you do not have to use it for your vehicle damage. You can use it as you wish. You are required to be compensated for your damage, It is up to you what you do with that compensation. If you have a Lien holder on the vehicle then you likely have contractual obligations with them to fix any damage.

Do you have to use check from insurance to fix auto?

If you haven't paid the vehicle off, then you must repair the vehicle with the insurance check. If you don't owe a bank anything, you are not required to fix the vehicle. Keep in mind, if the vehicle has unrepaired physical damage and you get in another accident the insurance company will not give you another penny. They are only required to repair the vehicle to the condition it was in prior to the accident. If it was already damaged, they won't give you a dime

How long do you have to file an insurance claim after an accident?

Each state has different time periods of filing an insurance claim after an accident. Check with you state to make sure you do not miss the filing period.

Is it insurance fraud if you do not use the insurance issued check to pay for hair damage instead use it to pay bills?

Not usually.

Can you request a check for damages from the insurance company of the driver who caused the accident and not get your car repaired after an auto accident?

It depends on if you have a lien placed on your vehicle (by you lender. If you own the car free and clear, you can take the insurance money and not repair the car, but if there is a lien on your vehicle more often than not the insurance company will make the check out to you and your bank.

You have no motorcycle license and you had an accident on the motorcycle will your insurance pay?

No. YOu need Motorcycle Insurance. Check out this site for more resources on Motorcycle Insurance.

Car accident and insurance paying for damages-deductiablewill they send the check if I don't put the car in the shop?

That depends on the insurance company. Some will send you a check, and others will only pay the shop.

If you are driving your friend car and you get in an accident would the insurance cover the claim?

Only if the insurance covers more than one driver. Check the policy.

What types of damage or events are included under catastrophic insurance coverage?

Catastrophic insurance coverage includes many damage or events caused by both natural disasters or other accidental damage to your home. Damage by events such as flooding, lightning, wind damage, and other weather events are generally covered. Some catastrophic insurance coverage policies also cover damage done by fire, but check with your insurance company to be sure.

If you are in a major accident and the other driver is at fault can you get part of the money right away?

depends on your insurance. Some insurances allow you to go trough them and they cut you a check for the damage minus your deductible, other insurances make you go trough the other person's insurance and it's a waiting game.

How can one get an Accident cover insurance?

There are several different options in order to get an Accident Cover insurance. Depending on the country one lives in one might check for example "Aviva plc" (British insurance company) or "eHealthInsurance" (American company) - just to list two of them.

Do all car insurance plans provide a loaner car when your car is in the shop after an accident?

Not all car insurance plans provide loaner cars when your car is in the shop after an accident. This is a convenience which may or may not be offered. Check with your insurance company to see if this service is provided.

Will a no fault accident raise your insurance rates?

You need to check with your agent or policy services for you company. They can tell you their rules for accident/claims related rate increases.

When are accidents reports required?

Every state has its own minimum reporting requirements for PROPERTY DAMAGE accidents, usually set as a dollar amount. However - ANY accident involving PERSONAL INJURY, must be reported immediately. Furthermore, your own insurance carrier may have a damage reporting requirement - check your insurance policy

Is it legal to not get your car repaired after the insurance company paid the claim?

It is legal as long as you don't have an outstanding loan on the vehicle, if your insurance company paid the claim, and you keep the car. Your insurance company has the right to drop coverage or reduce the amount of coverage. If you have a loan, in most states, the check has to be issued to the body shop directly or to you and the lienholder jointly. Yes it is legal. However ... should you get into another accident, previous unrepaired damage is NOT covered and can cause a problem with determing what is the additional damage from the second accident.

Do you have to give someone your insurance information after an auto accident?

Always if in California. Check your local DMV office. But many people do not and the insurance company will figure it out anyway.

What if someone is driving your car and has an accident will your full coverage insurance cover it?

Usually yes. It depends on the brand of insurance though. You should check with your provider to be sure.

Will homeowners insurance cover claim if no auto insurance?

If the damage happened on the property, maybe. You'll wish to check your policy for coverage, and consult with your insurance agent for specific details.

Will homeowners insurance cover damage to personal vehicles at the home caused by someone else?

Homeowners insurance covers what is inside the home. Check your auto insurance for auto damages.

Do you need insurance when you're in a car accident but not at fault?

check your state law,but if you dont have maybe found at fault. if you don't have insurance, its your fault ither way

What is the auto dudctable insurance?

In terms of auto insurance, the deductible is the amount the policyholder is committing to pay if their vehicle is damaged or stolen before the insurance company is responsible for paying out a claim. A deductible applies to both comprehensive and collision physical damage coverage. Comprehensive will pay for damage or loss to your vehicle resulting from fire, theft, vandalism, hail damage, and wind. Collision pays for damage caused by an accident. You will be required to choose a deductible for each coverage ranging from $0 to $2000. While higher deductibles offer lower auto insurance rates, you will be responsible for paying this amount before the insurance company will cut a claims check. Choose a deductible that is practical for your situation.

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