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It depends on which debts are discharged in your bankruptcy. There are several types of debts, such as student loans, which consistently persist through bankruptcy. Moreover, you may be liable even for debts that traditionally are discharged, such as credit card debts, where there is even of bad faith and manipulativeness on your part, i.e. you racked up thousands in credit card debt in the days before filing for bankruptcy.

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Q: After bankruptcy are you still liable for old debts?
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Can someone put an old debt back on your credit report after your bankruptcy has been filed?

The whole point of bankruptcy is that at the point of insolvency all assets transfer to the assignee, and all debts likewise. So debts are cancelled by the bankruptcy, the available assets being all there is to claim against.

Are you liable for 18 year old daughters debts?

If she's 18, she's reached the age of majority and is an adult. You have no responsibility for her debts except as follows: * Anything you cosigned * Any debts she ran up before she was 18

Do you have to pay medical bills for your 17 year old girl who has moved out?

If you love her, yes ---- Unless there is some special circumstance, the fact that you child has left the house does not change your responsibility for her. You would still be liable for debts incurred by your minor child.

How long are you liable for a credit card debt?

As a responsible cardholder, you are generally liable for any credit card debt up to the statute of limitations as established within your state. This does not prevent a debt collector from continuing to pursue older debts, but it does generally prevent judgments on old debts as long as you advise the creditor or court that the statute of limitations has expired. Debt collectors may still pursue debt collection even beyond the statute of limitations.

In Texas if a 17 year old moves out are you still liable to pay child support?

Yes, they are a minor

Do you still have to pay a 5 year old physical therapy bill?

If you received the service you are liable to pay it.

Can a lien be put on a property for a credit card debt over 6 yrs old?

Yes, debts don't just go away. Not unless you've declared bankruptcy.

How old was Michael Jackson when he declared bankruptcy?

He never declared bankruptcy.

Paula filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy when she was 25 years old. How old will she be when the bankruptcy is removed from her credit report?

35 years old

Ex husband is filing for bankruptcy do you still have to pay child support for your 19 year old son?

In general, child support is based on net income - child support obligations are not discharged in bankruptcy.

Can you put 4 year old income taxes in a bankruptcy?

Federal income taxes due in an amount certain 3 years or more before the bankruptcy filing date can be discharged along with other dischargeable debts. You cannot just file to discharge the taxes, unless you have no other unsecured debt.

What can not be filed on by chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Items obtained through fraud, child support, court ordered restituion and federal/state taxes (off the top of my head). ALL debts must be listed because you are swearing that you have listed all debts. If there are assets in the case, some of your debts will be paid, therefore, the Courts need to know of ALL of your debts, so you list EVERYTHING. However, some debts are non-dischargable such as: Items obtained through fraud; Domestic Support Obligations; Taxes that are less than 3 years old; Student Loans; Debts incurred in the process of a crime (such as a DUI accident). It should also be noted that there is a 90 day presumptive period. Any debt incurred within 90 days prior to filing a Bankruptcy is presumptively fraudelent. Any debt incurred with the intention of filing Bankruptcy or without intention of repayment is presumed fraudulent.

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