After having a tubal ligation when should your menstrual cycle begin?

After I had a tubal ligation my menstrual cycle stayed the same. I starts the same and ends the same. So anyways there wasn't any change at all. I don't know if this helps but I hope this answers your question.

Tubal ligation is purely physical and has no effect on your hormones. The anesthetic may have a minor effect.

A TL should be done immediately after the end of a period and you should be given a pregnancy test before it is done.

If you have not had a period, take a pregnancy test.

I am a midwife and once delivered a baby born after the mother had her tubes tied on day 16 of her cycle. I always think of that egg going through as the clip was put on, going, "Yee-hah, missed me".

I had my surgery done on a Friday and my period came right on time the following monday!