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Japan and Germany were allies (axis powers)


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Japan. Then Germany declared war on the US.

Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. That incited the USA to declare war on Japan and Germany.

Pearl Harbor was the main reason the US joined the war. They declared war on Germany and Japan because Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, and Germany was Japan's ally.

Mainly Pearl Harbor because Japan was an ally of Germany. After Pearl Harbor was bombed the US declard war on Japan and because they were allies Germany and Italy see it fit to declare war on the US.

No country. After Japan bombed Pearl Harbor the US declared war on Japan. Within days Germany declared war on the US because they had an agreement with Japan.

Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, causing the US to declare war on Japan.

He asked Congress to declare war on Japan. (they did)

On December 8, 1941, the day after Pearl Harbor was bombed.

basicly the united states went into war with Germany when japan bombed pearl harbor =p basicly the united states went into war with Germany when japan bombed pearl harbor =p

pearl habor was connected because in WWII America was fighting japan,Italy, and Germany and America bombed hiroshima and japan bombed pearl harbor

japan bombed pearl harbor

Japan attacked us on pearl harbor under orders from Germany, and We declared War on japan and Germany;

No we declared war on japan then Hitler declared war on us all after pearl harbor

They didn't. If you are talking about Germany, then in WWI it was because of Germany's submarine warfare, which was sinking U.S. ships. In WWII, they were allied to Japan, who bombed Pearl Harbor.

because the Japanese bombed pearl harbor which is in Hawaii

the us didn't declare war on china in world war 2 us declared war on japan on 1941 when japan bombed pearl harbor hawii

after japan attacked pearl harbor and declared war on japan a German Allie

Technically the US was helping with the war in Europe but they did not declare war on Germany and Japan until after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor in Hawaii on December 7th, 1941.

The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941, after failing to officially declare war because of a mix-up, thus starting the USA-Japan war. 3 days later Germany and Italy declared war against the USA, thus dragging the US into WWII.

When the US declared war on Japan for Pearl Harbor

When Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, FDR asked for war against Japan, Germany, and Italy.

Japan bombed pearl harbor on December 7, 1941

Japan bombed Pearl Harbor on December 7 1941.

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