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no, because once a program is over written it loses all of its memory and can't open anything that was previously there

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โˆ™ 2005-11-29 18:40:44
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Q: After reinstalling Windows is it possible to access programs which have been overwritten?
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If you reload Windows Vista will you loose all your programs?

Yes. Reinstalling an OS wipes all information from the computer.

If you reinstall windows does it erase your hard drive?

Reinstalling Windows will not erase the hard drive unless you tell it to reformat the hard drive before reinstalling the operating system. You will have to reinstall all your programs that were installed prior to reinstall but all your saved files will still be there.

How is it possible to solve installing problems in Windows Vista games?

Usually reinstalling the graphic card drivers solves the issue of game installing problems in windows vista. If not solved by reinstalling the graphic drivers, it is recommended to check microsoft site and see whether there is an update package available for windows vista.

What Windows XP programs are compatible with Windows 2000?

A very large number of the programs that will run on Windows XP will also run on Windows 2000, unless otherwise specified. A comprehensive list isn't really possible.

Is it possible to change the language of a Korean Windows XP program into English without reinstalling a whole new program?

probably not google the question to see why

Which version of windows introduced windows file protection?

Windows2000 / prevents critical system files from being deleted or overwritten

The reason why it is possible to remove the Windows Vista installation disk to the setup programs with drivers is that Windows PE runs on a?

Windows PE is running on a RAM drive

When reinstalling windows does it wipe out everything that was pre-installed?

Yes of course

What is windows accessories?

windows accessories is a built in programs in windows with a variety of other built in programs within it

How do you unlock password on compaq laptop?

It is possible to insert the CD and reinstall the OS, but reinstalling means loosing all the date which is on the laptop. Another possibility is to use Windows Password Unlocker.

What should you do if you have no sound after reinstalling Windows XP?

You should install the driver for your sound card.

Can you free up space on your hard drive without reinstalling Windows XP?

Yes. Just uninstall any programs you don't use and delete any files you don't want to back them up to another disk.

Will Windows Vista programs run on Windows 7?

Yes, they will. Even more windows xp programs will run on Seven.

How do you get the CD drive back after Upgrading from Windows 98 to Windows 2000 professional on an IBM Thinkpad?

Try reinstalling the driver for the CD drive

What utility programs come with Windows XP Professional?

what are the utility programs of windows xp professional

How do you install windows when you have Linux?

By using the Windows partitioner to make space by reszing partitions and installing Windows, then reinstalling the Linux bootloader. It is generally considered better form to install Windows first and then Linux.

How do you uninstall WinRAR for Windows?

WinRAR for Windows can be uninstalled from Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs in Windows XP or Control Panel > Programs and Features in Windows 7.

Your audio hardware is not being detected since reinstallation of Windows how could it be detected?

Try reinstalling the drivers.

Can windows 98 still be put in windows 7?

I think your best bet is to partition your hard drive and run two operating systems. I think the platform of both operating systems are different. some older programs use MS-DOS which can run in windows 98 but wont run in XP and higher versions of windows. there are also emulator programs you can use to run older programs. As for running 98 in a windows 7 environment I don't believe that is possible.

Can you replace a motherboard without reinstalling windows?

If the motherboard which you are going to replace is of the same type with the motherboard which you want to put in, then you don't need to reinstall Windows, if it's not you have to.

What program do you use to open Garage band on Windows?

There is no method of running Mac programs directly on Windows. it is only possible inside an emulator, which is very slow and useless for multimedia work.

How do you run Windows programs in Linux?

In a Program called wine (Windows Emulator). Not all programs will work but most will.

Can you install programs for Windows Vista on Windows 7?


How do I cure my addiction to installing new operating systems I've switched from Windows to Linux Mint back to Windows to Manjaro back to Windows, etc... currently reinstalling Windows 10 right now. VMs don't work, just doesn't have that feel?

You cant feel It

Why would windows media player not recognize an internal CD burner?

You may be missing some codex in your Windows Media player. You can try uninstalling and reinstalling your Windows Media player to correct the problem.