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A positive pregnancy test means she's pregnant.


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Depoprovera will not make you pregnant for months.

can you have a false pregnancy test and still be pregnantcan you have a false pregnancy test and still be pregnantAnsweryou can have a false negative pregnancy test and still be pregnant

If your already pregnant and have sexual intercourse during anytime of your pregnancy you can not get pregnant.

Perform a pregnancy test to determine if you are pregnant. If you are pregnant, see your Doctor for confirmation of your pregnancy.

Phantom pregnancy, also called a pseudo-pregnancy or a false pregnancy, is where a dog appears to be pregnant but is not actually pregnant.

+=pregnant -=not pregnant

Pregnancy flutters are only for women who are pregnant. If you are not pregnant and believe you have it, it is something else with similar symptoms.

how long after conception can a pregnancy test detect that your pregnant

Alprazolam has nothing to do with your pregnancy. It will neither prevent pregnancy nor help you to become pregnant.

pregnant = adjective pregnancy = noun

Well, since you have had ALL the pregnancy symptoms and no period, you could be pregnant! But since your home pregnancy test was negative you couldn't be pregnant. You may want to go to your doctor and ask him if you are pregnant.

You may suspect pregnancy when you experience pregnancy symptoms. However, you can only know that you are definitely pregnant by performing a pregnancy test.

No. You will get pregnancy symptoms. It is impossible not to get pregnancy symptoms. Yes, you can be pregnant and have no symptoms at all. Haven't you seen that tv show "Pregnant and didn't know it?"

You have no pregnancy symptoms before you are pregnant.

you can get PREGNANT not pregnancy

negative= not pregnant positive= pregnant be sure to read the instructions on the pregnancy test package

Popping in your stomach is not a sign of pregnancy. Take a pregnancy test to see if you are pregnant.

Yes, you can have a full-term pregnancy after getting pregnant with Mirena.

yes I've had a chemical pregnancy and been pregnant the following month.

The signs of pregnancy on NuvaRing are positive pregnancy test and missed periods. Take a pregnancy test if you think you might be pregnant.

A pseudo pregnancy is when a woman goes through all the symptoms of being pregnant, but is not pregnant at all. It is usually known as a "phantom pregnancy."

Yes; it is called a phantom pregnancy. Which basically means that it is all psychological. Either you are very afraid, guilty, paranoid etc. about being pregnant that you think your mind into being pregnant or you want to be pregnant to bad that you fool your body into thinking that you are pregnant. You will experience pregnancy symptoms and can even lactate during a phantom pregnancy.

Pregnancy Beliefs are you thinking you are pregnant, pregnancy complications, is you have a problem with pregnancy.... is there as similarity? Anyways, a teen could be think she is pregnant, she will get scared, start to worry. This is the only problem I see...

You should still be able to get pregnant. If the other pregnancy was recent, then it is more likely you will be able to get pregnant because you are very fertile after a pregnancy

It is possible to have a fake pregnancy, where you want so badly to be pregnant, that your body recreates all the symptoms of pregnancy.

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