After the Allied troops got past the sea wall on Omaha beach how did they get to and take over the enemy's concrete bunkers?

== == By direct frontal assault, which resulted in a very heavy lose of life. The Americans could have used the specialized tanks that had been offered to them by the British, but they refused to even test them. The results were that the British and the Canadians had much fewer dead soldiers than the Americans did, and made much deeper advances with their tank support fighting along side of them. The Canadians , by the end of D-one, were 12 miles inland and had captured ALL of their first day objectives with small numbers of dead and wounded. That was a direct consequence of their having the support of the specialized tanks, that broke thru the German bunkers with their 235 mm bunker buster charges. The flame thrower tank, the bunker buster tank, and the bridge laying tank were all used by the two other Allied nations to very good effect, while the Americans were attacking on foot, with little armored support. The US did decide to use the " swimming tank " but they put them into the water way too soon, as much as 7 miles off the beach, and those tanks sank as the flotation devices were not designed for such high waves. So the troops had to attack the fortifications without proper armored support. This resulted in many needless deaths for the Americans.