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It's time you were honest with yourself and figured out why your daughter keeps running away. Kids don't run away for no reason. Until you fix what is wrong in your own life your daughter will continue to run away no matter how young she is and there is nothing you can do about it. The police can bring her back 50 times, but she'll just run away. Time to put on your thinking cap, search your soul and sit down and ask your daughter why she feels she needs to run away. No matter how silly her reasons are, treat her like an adult and try to understand when you were that age and make an effort to understand her feelings as well.

Type in "Google"

Then type in: What is the legal age of children to leave their parent's home in South Carolina?"

You should find lots of help on your State laws there.

Good luck Marcy

  • The age of majority in SC is 18. Therefore, anyone under 18 is a minor. If a minor leaves home without parental consent (and without the intent to return), then they are a runaway. SC considers running away from home to be a "status offense," which means it is a clear violation of criminal juvenile law.
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Q: After what age will the police not think of your child as a runaway in South Carolina?
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What states had child labor laws in 1903?

North Carolina and South Carolina

How do you divorce in South Carolina with child support?

South Carolina child support is calculated based on which parent has custody of the child and the relative salaries of the parents. In a divorce once custody is decided, then child support is just a standard calculation. For more South Carolina child support information and the South Carolina child support calculator, click on the link below.

At what age do the police stop considering a child a runaway in Oklahoma?

The age of majority is 18. Until then, the person responsible for them can report them as a runaway.

What can a parent do if a child moves out at age seventeen in Michigan?

Call the police and report them as a runaway.

If a parent tells a child to get out of their house can that parent then call the child in as a runaway?

Well, they can but they would be lying. The parent is kicking them out of the house, the child is not running away; sooner or later the police (if the parent did call the child in as a runaway) would probably figure out the child did not runaway and the child was kicked out. If the parents kicked them out, then why would they call the child in as a missing if they didn't want them?

Child support in South Carolina?


At what age do the police stop considering a child a runaway in the state of Illinois?

When they reach the age of majority, which is 18.

How do you calculate child support in a divorce in South Carolina?

There is a standard calculator for child support in South Carolina. You simply enter each party's monthly income and a few other figures and the program calculates it for you. There is a link to South Carolina Child Support Calculator at the link below.

What age can you kick your child out in south Carolina?


What is the law for runaways in MN?

In the state of Minnesota, a child is considered to be a runaway if they are under age 18 and do not have their parents or guardians permission to leave the home. The parents can call the police and the police may issue the runaway a citation to appear in court.

What is the age a child can legally babysit another child in South Carolina?


Were Alabama and North Carolina the first to enact child labor laws in 1903?

No. I think it was North Carolina and South Carolina

Oregon State Runaway laws?

child runaway

In South Carolina if a child moves out at the age of 17 is the parent still legally responsible for that child?

Even in South Carolina a child who is 17 years old , is still the responsibility of the parents as she is not a adult of 21 years yet.

If a 17 year old child can legally move out from his parents home what should the parents do to be exempt from legal responsibilities of that child?

Report the child as a runaway. That gets a record with the police that the child is outside of your control.

In South Carolina do you have to sign you rights over for your child to be adopted?


How can you get help with your child support arrears in South Carolina?

What kind of help?

Can a mom file runaway charges on her son if he goes with his dad?

{| |- | She can file a report of the child as a runaway with the police. She could also file a report against the father. Either one is going to get the authorities involved. |}

What are your options if your child leaves home without permission?

Contact the police and tell all their friends that it's illegal to harbor a runaway. It's not legal to be a runaway so you have every right to get/bring them back.

Why are wages garnished in South Carolina?

Wages cannot be garnished for credit card debt in South Carolina. They can be garnished for unpaid taxes and child support.

Can a child ask for child support if he ran away from home and he's 17 in the state of texas?

No. The child support goes to the parent who have custody to use to pay for the child. it does not go to the child directly. A runaway has no legal right to run away and if caught by the police they will bring him home. Just because you have not returned home does not mean you are allowed to stay away. If they have reported you as a runaway, anyone who helps you can be charged with helping or harboring a runaway with severe legal consequences.

How do you calculate child support in South Carolina?

See the link below for the SC Child Support Calculator

What if the 16 yr old runaway is with a relative and does not want to go back?

If you live in the US and assuming you want the child to return home, call the police. The relative has no legal right to keep your child from you, (no matter what the child wants) and can very possibly face criminal charges for it (harboring a runaway, custodial interference, etc).

What age can child opt out of forced visitation in south carolina?

18 unless the parents let the child choose.

What age can a child decide who to live with if one of there parents lives in Wisconsin and the other in South Carolina if the child lives in Wisconsin?

The child will take turns from parent to parent. If one lives in Wisconsin then you can have great chese! If one lives in South Carolina you see beautiful sights!