After what age will the police not think of your child as a runaway in South Carolina?

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July 15, 2015 9:43PM

It's time you were honest with yourself and figured out why your

daughter keeps running away. Kids don't run away for no reason.

Until you fix what is wrong in your own life your daughter will

continue to run away no matter how young she is and there is

nothing you can do about it. The police can bring her back 50

times, but she'll just run away. Time to put on your thinking cap,

search your soul and sit down and ask your daughter why she feels

she needs to run away. No matter how silly her reasons are, treat

her like an adult and try to understand when you were that age and

make an effort to understand her feelings as well.

Type in "Google"

Then type in: What is the legal age of children to leave their

parent's home in South Carolina?"

You should find lots of help on your State laws there.

Good luck Marcy

  • The age of majority in SC is 18. Therefore, anyone under 18 is

    a minor. If a minor leaves home without parental consent (and

    without the intent to return), then they are a runaway. SC

    considers running away from home to be a "status offense," which

    means it is a clear violation of criminal juvenile law.

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