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You can twirl the strawberry after you dip it and when the chocolate starts to run thinner, you quickly move it onto the wax paper.

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What things should you dip in melted chocolate?

i dip strawberries in choccie, specially white chocolate

How do you make a bowl out of chocolate using a balloon?

You can actually make a cup out of chocolate using a balloon. But I think it is the same thing. Just melt some chocolate, and let it cool. Blow up your balloons and dip them in the cooled chocolate. Put them on a parchment paper or wax paper covered baking sheet. Freeze them and then remove the balloons off the chocolate. There you have your chocolate cup.

Where can you buy Chocolate Skittles?

Dip skittles in chocolate, yes?

How do you make chocolate dipped candy?

You dip candy in chocolate.

Are there chocolate marshmallows?

No not yet, but you can take a marshmallow and dip it in chocolate and it would be a chocolate marshmallow.

Do they make chocolate bacon?

Yes, it is available to buy from some candy shops, but it is easy to make yourself.While I myself have not tried making chocolate bacon but it is relatively simple.Fry strips of bacon as you normally would.Remove the surface grease from the bacon with paper towels (if not done the chocolate won't stick).Allow the bacon to cool completely in refrigerator.Melt chocolate in a double boiler.Dip bacon strips in melted chocolate and allow them to cool on waxed paper or parchment paper.Remove the chocolate bacon strips from the waxed paper or parchment paper and refrigerate.Serve and eat!

How do you dip fruit into chocolate and keep the chocolate hard without the chocolate becoming gooey?

Your answere is easy . Buy chocolate shell and dip frozen fruit into it . Next , put the chocolate covered into the freezer . Wait a half an hour and wala chocolate covered fruit

What is the recipe for chocolate dipped strawberries?

You get some strawberries and you dip them in some chocolate

How do you dip strawberries in chocolate?

rounded toothpicks

What to dip in chocolate?

strawberrys angel cake is great

What is something that you can dip in caramel?

Apples are the most popular to dip in caramel. Marshmallows can be dipped in caramel. Chocolate is something else you can dip in caramel.

How do you make chocolate covered mushrooms?

You boil chocolate (look up how) Then its melted, then get mushrooms and dip it in the chocolate and let it set.

How do you make chocolate coverd grasshoppers?

Take chocolate and take a grasshoppr. Drown the grasshopper and dip into the chocolate and let it harden

Using Milk Chocolate Nestle Chocolate chips how can you make Pretsles dipped in milk chocolate?

You just melt the chocolate chips and then dip the pretzels into it.

How do you make chocolate dipped pretzels?

Melt chocolate and cream in double boiler over low heat, stirring constantly.Dip pretzels one at a time quickly to coat while mixture is still very warm. Place pretzels on wax paper to set and cool.

What is that piece of paper that you dip in a chemical and it changes colour?

Litmus paper

How do you make a chocolate dip?

throw a black guy in a river

What is the chemistry behind chocolate covered strawberries?

You melt chocolate morsels and dip strawberries in them and let them cool.

What are some romantic things to do for a girlfriend?

Well you could take her out to her favorite restaurant. <P> <P>Dip a gift in chocolate! <P>melt chocolate in a pot at low temperatures <P>Wrap you gift in wax paper <P>dip one side in a set it aside on a plate (making sure the chocolate isn't touching) <P>let it sit in your freezer until its hard. Do the other side.

How do you make paper stronger?

dip it in water

How do you make chocolate covered pretzels?

When making chocolate covered pretzels all you need is melted chocolate and a bag of pretzels. Melt the Chocolate in a double Boiler(if you do not have a double boiler put one pan on top of another and fill the bottom one with water) bring the water to a boil to melt the chocolate. Dip the pretzels in the melted chocolate and set them on a tray covered in wax paper.

How is chocolate put onto maltesers?

They dip the crispy wafer into the chocolate once or twice. pretty simple actually.

How do you get the chocolate on chocolate raisins?

i think...................... you dip them in melted chocolate and freeze them until they are chocolate coated. personnaly i don't like raisins, and never have seen chocolate raisins................................ so this is just a guess.....................

What happen to pH paper when dip in cooking oil?

The paper will become orange in colour.

What is a recipe with chocolate?

chocolate covered spoons are a great recipe involving chocolate. You can melt any kind of chocolate then just dip, freeze, and ENJOY! For delishous results why not try hearshey chocolate? I luv HERSHEYS!

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