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Q: Age 12 and two months height 67.75 inches weight 130 pounds female and have apparently just started growth spurt any idea of final height?
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What is the average height of a four year old white female?

For information on growth chart check out the website and then click on the link "growth charts".

Does every female have a growth spurt?

Every female does have a growth spurt and there are usually two different ones that will happen during puberty. The first one is the height spurt and the second one is the weight spurt.

A female i knew got taller around 19. Is that possible?

Generally a female has reached full growth in height before age 19. It is possible however that a small amount of further growth can happen.

Does height growth plus work?

at the 18 age can be growth in height

What is the average female height?

The average female Height is about 5'4

Can Growth Maximizer Pro help a healthy adult female gain any height?

No. There's no scientific evidence that any dietary supplement can increase a healthy adult's height.

What is the average height of an female adult?

usually 5'5-5'8 Actually Depends on Race... My Updated Growth Chart Says "White Female 50% between 5'4" and 5'5""

What is the height of additi gupta?

apparently 5'8

What is the height required for female for being a pilot?

What height is required for a female pilot?

What is the height of a female chihuahua?

! The height of the female chihuahua is about 5", and the width about 9".

What is the height of rottweiler female?

Average height for a female Rottweiler, is 25inches at the shoulders.

Can 21 years women did have any height growth?

iam 21year old did have any height growth

The height of a Female 11 year old.?

It depends on race/ethnicity/nationality. In the US average height ranges from 56-59 inches --

Do growth pills for height really work?

No growth pills for height do not work. If you have an underdeveloped pituitary gland your doctor may give you growth hormone shots that stimulate growth.

Does piercing your ears affect your height growth?

no it has nothing to do with your growth

What is the average height of male and female in India?

The average height of the men in india is 5.5 inches and female height is 5.5 inches

What is the difference between growth and height?

Height is the vertical measurement of a thing. Growth is a change in which something becomes more than it was.

You are a female of 24 yrs old n your height is 5 you want to know if there is any scope to increase your height with the help of homoeopathic medicines?

At your age, your bones are already fused up. There is almost nothing you can do at your age but a hope from operation which is very risky for your life and another way but safer is " super-growth height enhancer" ( natural growth booster )

Average height fourteen year old female?

Height varies for all individuals, but a healthy height of an average 14-year old is 5'4-5'7, but height is not a matter of health, unless it is related to the spine or spine defects.If you are severely under height, you may want to contact your doctor, as you might have a growth abnormality.

Which hormone helps in growth of height?

Human growth hormone (or just growth hormone).Cortisol

What is the average height of a female African elephant?

female African elephants average height is 11 feet

Average height for a female in the US?

The height of a person depends on many factors like genetics, race, and age. The average height for a white female in the US is around 5'5". For an African-American female, the average height is around 5'4.5". For a Mexican-American female, the average height is around 5'2.5". On average for the entirety of the country, the average height for an adult female in the US is between 5'4" and 5'4.5".

If you are 26 years old and you are a woman can you get 2 more inches in your height?

No. Unless you have a growth disorder, you cannot increase in height at all, due to growth when you are 26, especially if you are a female. Unlike males, who may continue growing until early 20's, females usually stop growing after 16.

What is a female lion's height and weight?

Female lion weight - 250-300 lbs Height - 30 inches

Does gym affects growth of height?

if your young and you work out a lot that can effect your growth