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Moby Dick

Ahab's words to the crew are intended to be?

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Captain ahabs speech to the crew about the white whale represents which element of the plot of Moby Dick?

Inciting incident

What was the name of captain ahabs ship?


Where can you find a nebugon on monster galaxy on facebook?

Ahabs abyss

In what ways does Moby Dick resemble an epic?

I does not want anything to do with ahabs

What follows ahabs boat as it pulls away from the ship?


How many words can you make screw?

Words that can be made with the letters in screw are:crewsewwe

What does PHUN mean when used in the sentence NO PHUN INTENDED?

it is yet another play on words. it means no pun intended

What are the differences between a cabin crew member and a taxi driver?

Differentiate in no more than 300 words between an efficient cabin crew member and an inefficient cabin crew member

Where can you find leon in monster galaxy?

Leon is found in Pueblonia,at either ahabs abyss and adventure island

A words that describe a captain?

a person in charge of a crew, or a team captain.

Where on the moon was the crew of Apollo 13 supposed to land?

Their intended landing site was Fra Mauro -- Apollo 14 ended up landing there in 1971.

Does car and crew rhyme?

No it doesnt, but here are some words that rhyme with car. Far,tar, jar, bar, ma (mother) Words that rhyme with Crew Drew,through, new, true, flew, Hope this helped

What is the great but commercially unsuccessful novel about Captain Ahabs obsessive pursuit of a white whale?

That book would be Moby Dick.

Why did starbuck protest ahab intention to kill Moby Dick?

he did not want to kill the whale over captin ahabs vengance

What is a collective noun for the word crew?

The noun 'crew' is a collective noun for: a crew of barbers a crew of laborers a crew of pilots a crew of rowers a crew of sailors a crew of firemen or rescue workers.

What does ditty mean?

A ditty is a short simple song (or the words of a poem intended to be sung).

Is there another words for rowing team?

A rowing team is also called a crew (as is the sport itself).

4 letter words ending in w?

STEW, BREW and CREW immediately come to mind.

Why is Starbucks called ''Starbucks''?

Starbucks got it's name from the Capt. Ahabs first mate in Mobey Dick, who was a coffee drinker.

Is the word crew an collective noun?

Yes it is a collective noun, for example a crew of laborers, a crew of sailors, a crew of pilots, a crew of rowers, and a crew of firemen or rescue workers.

Can you put FALSIFY in a sentence?

He intended to FALSIFY the man's answer. Falsify the truth and twist the words of the wise.

What are some funky words that begin with the letter M?

malediction - a curse intended to bring about evil

Which words have the same meaning intentional?

intended, planned, deliberate, prearranged, aforethought, designed, premeditated

Sioux word for Was?

This lexicon of Siouan words is intended to be an aid to learning the language of the Lakota Sioux.

What is the difference between crew and crew member at McDonald's?

Crew is pointing to the whole group of people, Crew member is just one person out of the crew