Alat-alat yang digunakan untuk bermain wau?

This is the process how to make a wau by your own even you live outside Malaysia. You could choose your own patern and design. Basically, wau is synonim with the traditional design. The main skeleton of wau uses bamboo stick and tied up with string.

1. The spine of wau is measured into 3 parts, then marking the point of separation.

2. . Wau wing section will tie first.

3. Wing that is tied will also be tied at the marked point of wau spine.

4. Bind at the top and bottom of the tail spine. Make sure that the balance in both sides.

5. Attach the end of the tail for both left and right to the wing.

6. For the waist of the wau, make 2 semi circles from the bamboo stick to form a circle as shown in Wau Bulan picture above.

7. Last process is to make the head wau with binding half of the head with wau wing with 2-inch distance from the spine.

Painting engraving on the body between the wau is a key element of the wau is unique and special but you could use your own design. Among the steps involved:
1. Fold the paper four colors for the wing, and double to the tail.

2. Start painting from the chest up to the end of the wing with a clear space to space site deer, for the tail, the pattern that must be drawn with the same pattern in the wing.

3. Pattern should be cut using a sharp knife and a special pattern is a basic pattern for the wau.

4. Pattern will be affixed to the other colors of paper, usually a gold color with sweeping glue behind the paper pattern. Gum should be mixed with water first to avoid sag. Paper pattern will be placed on the wet cloth. Colored paper were placed gently on the paper pattern and then leveled with the board using hot wet cloth just above.

5. Cut the pattern and paste the paper again with different colors until completed.