Alknomook Death Song of the Cherokee Indians?

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Where are Cherokee Indians from?

The Cherokee tribe originated in North Carolina, eventually spreading throughout the southeastern United States. After people discovered gold on Cherokee land in the state of

Who are the Cherokee Indians?

The Cherokee are a people native to North America, who, at the time of European contact in the sixteenth century, inhabited what is now the Eastern and Southeastern United Sta

About Cherokee Indians?

The Cherokee ate deer, bear, rabbit, fish, berries, nuts, corn,beans, and squash. They lived in North and South Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia.

What is the death ritual of the Cherokee Indians?

There are very few questions that are 'out of bounds' religiously speaking. This happens to be one of those very few.. There are several 'accounts' and 'books' that claim to

How the Cherokee Indians become the Cherokees?

The name the the Cherokee people call themselves is Tsulagi. When the Anglo explorers first encountered the Cherokee, they had a guide who was a Creek Indian, When they asked

What if your grandfather was a Cherokee Indian what percent Cherokee are you?

I am in the same boat grandmother was full blooded cherokee, made my father 50%, and makes his children 25%. Hope this helps. Answer 2: The "Blood Quantum" quoted above
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What Indian tribes are the Cherokee Indians enemies?

The Catawba and other Siouan speaking tribes from the Piedmont of North Carolina in addition to the Tuscarora (Iroquois) in eastern North Carolina. I think also the Seminole.