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There are over 300 Disney movies in all. These movies date back as far as 1937 with "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs."

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What are all the disney movies called?

animated movies

Does all Disney movies have frogs in them?


Where can one find information on all the latest Disney movies?

To find out information on all the latest Disney movies, you can go to the official Disney website. You can also browse the Disney Movie Club to find out the latest Disney movie release.

What movies has Pixar made without Disney?

As of 2011, Pixar has done none of their films without Disney as Disney did the promotion and distribution of all the Pixar movies.

Where can one search for the latest Disney movies?

If one is interested in searching for the latest Disney movies the best option would be the movies dot disney website. One can click on 'All Movies' on the homepage and will get a full listing. There is also a Disney Movie Club where one can order movies on a monthly basis. This site offers a full listing of Disney movies also.

Where can one see a listing of original movies on the Disney Channel?

One can see a listing of the original movies on the Disney Channel on Wikipedia. They have an extensive list of all such Disney Channel movies between 1983 and 2013.

Are all Disney cartoon movies racist?

Obviously not.

Do all Disney Movies contain Mouse Images?


Where would you find a list of all Disney movies?

There are many places where you could find a list of all Disney movies. Most online sources will have a complete list.

What are good movies for kids into acting?

If you want to get into Disney, all Lindsey Lohan movies.

How many Disney movies have been made at Universal Studios?

None. All Disney movies are made at Disney's studios, not at a "foreign" studio

When was Zac Efron a star on Disney channel?

He was in all 3 of the high school musical movies. the first to movies aired on disney so they are called "disney movies". even though the third one came out in movie theaters, it is still considered a disney movie

What movies did Walt Disney make?

all the Disney movies snow white, Cinderella, sleeping beauty,aladdin, bambi,Alice in wonderland etc...

What are all the dirty parts in the Disney movies?

There shouldn't be any.

How are Disney movies sexist?

The are "sexist" because they are all about girls.

Who is the classic Disney fun for?

Classic Disney movies are for all ages including kids and adults. Classic Disney is meant for all ages, not just children.

Does Disney carry a line of plushed animals that encompasses the characters off of most of their movies?

Disney does make plushed animals for most of there movies , you can find them online but if you go into a Disney retail store they also have tons of them there for all different movies .

What order were all the Disney movies released?

See Link Below:

What are some Disney movies that have to do with animals?

Earth is a movie Disney made that's all about animals and theirenvironments.

What Disney movies are in the vault?

the answer is they keep all Disney movies hey don't have any in vault except appropriate ones you can watch any any time

What is Walt Disney famous for?

He is famous for Disneyland and all of his movies he has made

How do you watch Disney frozen with out sining up downloading or paying?

Yu can get an app called Disney movies anywhere. All you have to do is put what TV adviser you use like xfinity and type in your info and then you can watch all the Disney movies you want including frozen.

What are good statistics in Disney movies?

The good statistics in Disney movies reveal that there has been an upward appeal in the number of movies bought and watched. These statistics keep on going up every year in all the continents.

Where can you find a complete list of Disney channel original movies? follow this link and u'll find a-z list of all Disney movies

What are some good movies that are not rated R?

Wizard of Oz, All Batman movies and any Disney movie.

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