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All Pokemon Sapphire cheats?

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i got Pokemon emerald (the cooler 1) so i have no idea ^^ >=]

first of all in emerald u cant get seedot Roselia or zangoose so hahahahalol

correction, you can get seedot

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not every pokémon from Sapphire and ruby can be caught in emerald you have to trade or use cheats to get them all.

trade for the ones you didn't pick or use cheats.

By trading with all the other Gen. III games (Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald and Leafgreen)

1. how do you find the sapphire rock 2. where do have to go to in dotted hole cave to find sapphire rock

All Pokemon in Pokemon sapphire can breed. Except for all legendaries.

Sorry but there isn't any cheats for Sapphire or emerald because they're GBA games (gameboyadvanced)

first of all you can't clone in a Pokemon center. second of all you can only clone Pokemon on Pokemon Emerald in the battle tower. p.s. get a D.S. you're living in the 21st century not the 20th with cheats you can, but only if on PC

you can find all Pokemon cheats at

you cant find it, you have to see all the Pokemon sapphire.

blue sapphire because i have all the Pokemon

Type in (Pokemon pearl cheats) online. Go to they will give you all the cheats you need! Thanks for your time!

Get the national pokedex in Pokemon Sapphire because you will now be able to catch all the Pokemon in the game!

you can only get kyorge and raquaza in sapphire. you can only get groudon if you trade it from Pokemon emerald

In Pokemon Sapphire, Shuppet, Duskull, Vulpix and Chimecho can all be found on Mount Pyre.

can you get all the pokemon in sapphire version download from pc to gameboy advance?

If you want to fill your pokedex, you must trade between Ruby and Emerald to gain the Pokemon that are not in Sapphire.

there are no Pokemon in the dotted hole all there is are the sapphire

The starting pokemon for pokemon ruby, sapphire, and emerald are all Torchic, Mudkip, and Treeko. Irepeat, Torchic, Mudkip, and Treeko.

U get all the Pokemon you can't go to the johto region in pkmn ruby/Sapphire you can only do that in Pokemon emerald

i think all of the legendary Pokemon in that game or someting

Pokeman here, if you got "PokemonSaphire I think you're a classic man. Now, it's almost impossible to catch all Pokemon in Sapphire, ruby or emerald unless you got ruby, Sapphire and emerald all together, two gameboy advances and two trade things. Now, if you got them, you have to trade all of the Pokemon from ruby and emerald to Sapphire. Seriously, I know. I got ruby and I'd kill to get every Pokemon in it.

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