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An example of non-meta-search engine is Google unlike Bing

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Q: All what search engines are meta-search engines with the exception of?
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When should you use a metasearch engine?

You should use a metasearch engine if you need more results than you would from a regular search engine. You can also use certain metasearch engines like Ixquick or StartPage if you are concerned with privacy. Metasearch engines are usually not search engines themselves. They redirect traffic to actual search engines and then return the results. That can help privacy since the largest search engines record the details of your search. If you use a metasearch engine, then all the large search engines would have is that the metasearch engine performed a search on their sites using whatever terms at whatever time. If the metasearch engine doesn't record your search details, then it would be harder to trace the search back to you.

What are meta search engines?

Generally speaking, meta search engines perform searches using a conglomeration of other search engines. Metasearch engines enable users to enter search criteria once and access several search engines simultaneously. Metasearch engines operate on the premise that the Web is too large for any one search engine to index it all and that more comprehensive search results can be obtained by combining the results from several search engines. This also may save the user from having to use multiple search engines separately.

New metasearch engine?

New popular metasearch engine which fetches from MSN, Yahoo, Google and displays results on one screen in multi columns side by side. Supports local and global search, all languages, all results, spelling suggestions, duplication links removing option. Also, you can compare performance of different search engines.

How is a search engine and a metasearch engine dfferent?

Search engine usually have their own database of sites they craw and list in their database, for example Google, Yahoo, Ask. Meta Search Engines usually do not have their own database of crawled sites, they search the databases of real search engines, usually many search engines at the same time, and provide you results. So a meta search engine will give you results from say Yahoo and Google, some meta search engines do have database of sites submitted to them. Example of a meta search engine is DogPile.

What search engines are the most useful search engines?

Google all the way matey

What is Google search engine or website?

Google is both a website and a search engine. All internet search engines are websites, but not all websites are search engines.

What are all the search engines called?

I posted the list of search engines from wikipedia in the related links box below.

Do all search engines index all words in a webpage?


Do search engines index all the pages on the web?

filiter not search the web

Why is the internet the biggest search engine?

The internet is a means of connecting computer resources it is NOT the biggest search engine. Search engines are IT applications attached TO the internet.

When would you use a metasearch engine?

The extraordinary growth of the internet has made it difficult, if not impossible, for search engines to keep up with its immense size and pace. Thus far, the major search engines have only been able to index a fraction of all the data that is available on the internet. Therefore, chances of finding relevant search results occasionally fails if users rely on only one search engine. Thus, the key to effective internet searching is not to rely on one, but rather on multiple search engines. However, it can be time consuming and tedious to individually visit and perform a search on multiple search engines. A Meta search engine (MSE) is a search engine that collects results from other search engines, and then presents a summary of that information as the results of a search. The MSE iral is a Web service that offers such functionality. In practice, one can adopt different approaches to achieve the same goal; one could build a unique Web service that fulfils all tasks and does everything. With a smaller granularity, iral Meta search engine is a service for each search engine and an extra one that will use all the other to retrieve the results and compile them.

How many search engines are in total?

There are too many different kinds of search engines to just give a number, so click on the link below for a full listing of all the different kinds of search engines.

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