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Alligator mating sound?

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A growling sound.

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Does it sound like a pig oinking?

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Does the word alligator have a short a sound?

Does the word alligator Have a short a sound

What is the sound made by an alligator?

hiss hiss

What kind of sound does a Alligator make?


What does an alligator bellow sound like?

like your moms!

How do elephants use sound?

for communication and mating calls

What sound does a baby alligator make?

look on u tube

What sound does the alligator make on switch zoo quest?


What is the life cycle of a alligator?

alligators make a sound alligators make a squeling sound when they are ready to come out.

What are the two reasons why animals produce sound?

Mating and defense, I believe

Does alligator have short e sound?

No. There are a short A, a short I, a long A, and a schwa-R.

Does alligator have a short a sound?

Yes. The first A has a short A sound, while the second is a long A. (ahl-ih-gay-tur)

Why dogs get attachatched to their sexual organs after the mating?

Rethink your question... it sound idiotic.

What words beginning short a sound?

Apple Alligator Afternoon Ancestor And Ant Ample

What bird makes a coo sound?

A dove makes a coo sound. They often do this when they are signaling each other about danger or during mating.

What kind of sound does a crocodile make?

They hiss to call to their mates during mating season!

What is a ''atter kaker''?

If English is not your first language, then this is the "sound like" spelling for alligator. The alligator is a reptile closely related to the crocodile found in certain parts of the Gulf Coastal US.

What animals scream?

Red tail foxes and domestic cats make a screaming sound. Domestic cats make this sound when mating or in danger.

What words have the same vowel sound as crab?

The A in crab is a short A sound, as is heard in the rhyming words cab, gab, and tab. The short A sound is also seen in apple, alligator, and happy.

How do animals make sound and what do they use it for?

they make sound by using their mouth and diaphragm and they use it for scaring off prey, defending territory, mating and communicating.

How do club winged manikins mate?

Winged manakins produce a unique sound while flapping their wings. This sound is their mating call. It is said that the males develop their sound to be specific to their love.

Do platypuses have a mating call?

Platypuses do not have a mating call. They only tend to make any sort of vocalisations when they are threatened or disturbed, and even this is a very soft growling sound, barely discernible.

How do grasshoppers attract a mate?

The sound that grasshoppers make by rubbing their legs together is a mating call. This is their primary means of calling out to another for mating purposes. The males are the primary ones to call.

What does the Gila monsters mating call sound like?

Wrong answer pal it sound's like a dieing monkey ^^

What sound do cats make?

Cats meow, hiss, growl and purr. When mating, they may also moan.

What does a giraffe's mating call sound like?

"harder, long neck." "put that carrot in the vegetale soup."