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That is not realy a question, can you refrase it some how??

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You jump started the battery but reversed polarity you blew a fuse on the battery cable it was replaced but now it cranks but doesnt get fire to the sparkplugs this is a 1992 geo prizm what do i do.?

Check your other fuses and relays; you blew other fuses or relays; these should be located in the master fuse block under hood.

When was the GATT started?

It began in 1948 and was replaced in 1955 by WTO.

What would cause your 1999 Chevy suburban to backfire and blow off the air filter at start up?

your timing could be off causing it to advance or retard the timing when it doesnt need to, does it run well once it is started, also be careful with backfires if it backfires part way through the compression stroke you can damage your piston and connecting rod.

What could be the problem if the engine sputters when started and shuts off in the middle of a U-turn or when pulling into a driveway on a 2000 Ford Explorer Sport?

try both tuneup and fuel filter change

What replaced the toga in Roman attire?

In place of a toga they started to were tunics 😃

My car sputters and dies it did it 3 times in one day and stopped Ran fine A couple weeks later i started it and it died then my bro hit the gas tank it started up Whats wrong Fuel pump or filter?

could be a lot of things but sounds like the fuel pump

In what year did the Harley Davidson Panhead originate?

The panhead design for Harley Davidson started in 1948. It replaced the engine by Knucklehead. In 1965, it was replaced by what is known as a shovelhead.

Who was the quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks in 1983?

Jim Zorn started the first 8 games of the season and then was replaced by Dave Krieg who started the last 8 games of the season.

Dodge neon sxt backfires?

most likely cam belt has slipped a tooth. ^Sounds most probable. My 2005 Dodge Neon SXT started spitting/backfiring and it took $500 They said it was the injectors. You may need new injectors.

Was Bob Bryar in My Chemical Romance when it started?

no he was not. he replaced Matt pelisseir because he didnt get along with some of the members.

Does the toyota have a replaced gas pedal?

Toyota has recently started replacing their gas pedals. These were the cause of major recalls.

How many singers has the band AC DC had?

Started with Dave Evans, replaced him with Bon Scott before recording anything, Bon Scott died a few albums later, replaced by Brian Johnson.

What causes backfiring in Kawasaki 220 bayou?

I have a problem. I just bought a used 1995 Kawasaki 220 Bayou. The engine started running a little rough at first. Kept getting worse and then started backfiring through the exhaust. I had the carbeurator rebuilt but still runs rough and backfires. Cranks good and idles good. What could be my problem? Thanks

Why would a 97 Saturn sl not start with key ignition but will run fine when push started?

Starter's gone, have it replaced.

Who was the leader of the UK in WW2?

Neville Chamberlain was Prime Minister when the was started, he was replaced by Winston Churchill on May 10, 1940.

Did Sonny Ross play drums for The Ventures?

No. They started off with drummer Skip Moore who was later replaced by Howie Johnson. Howie later quit the band and was replaced by Mel Taylor. Mel left the band and was replaced by his son Leon Taylor. Mel returned to the band again after some years and was eventually replaced again by his son Leon Taylor.

Antifreeze leak from passenger side of the engine in a 1996 Oldsmobile lss It first started over heating and we were told we had to change the cat now it just shoots out antifreeze when started?

Have you heater core replaced.

Presidential commission found that a revolution in Hawaii had been started by?

A revolution in Hawaii was started by the Hawaiian people in 1954. In its aftermath, territorial elections ousted the Republicans, who were replaced by members of the Democratic Party of Hawaii.

What would cause smoke from muffler of a Mazda Millenia?

if is the 2.3l, only when started the car,its the supercharged seal to will be replaced. Just'n Style

When colour tv started is not an answer to your question i asked when yellow balls replaced white in tennis?

That is exactly why they changed the color of tennis balls...

Why car don't start after replacing the starter?

Assuming it started before the starter was replaced, the starter and/or starter wiring are not installed correctly.

Who started at QB for the start of the redskins 2001 season?

That was Jeff George. George started the first two games of the season, a 30-3 loss to the Chargers and a 37-0 loss to the Packers, and was replaced by Tony Banks who started the remaining 14 games of the season.

What was Mickey Mantle's number and position played?

Mickey Mantle started his Yankees career wearing the #6 in 1951 and later that season he started wearing the #7. He then replaced Joe DiMaggio as the Yankees center fielder.

Does a ford windstar have a front axle that can be replaced?

Yes - the axles are replaceable.See "Related Questions" below for more detail on getting started

What did the 18th Amendment allow you to do?

The 18th amendment started prohibition in the united states (making liquor and alcohol illegal). It was replaced by the 21st amendment :]

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