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could be...take a preg test and find out

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You really shouldn't be, if you put the condom on before first insertion and it didn't get damaged.

Probably not, but it is not impossible. Condoms properly used are considered to be about 95% effective. So there is a small chance of about 5% that it failed to work properly. If you need to ask this you should not be having intercourse. However you can get pregnant at any time any place if you are having intercourse, there is always a percentage of matter if he ''pulled" out, used a condom or just did it near you. It only takes one spermazoa.

If the condom did not break, then I highly doubt you'd get pregnant. There is always a small chance though, although it's very tiny.

As long as the condom was not damaged and it did not come of as he puled out. there is no chance of you being pregnant. no sperm inside no pregnancy.

Very low. But it only takes one sperm.

Would that be equivalent to a boy not wearing a condom at all? I would advise the girl to take the morning after pill...

Condoms are not 100% effective, they can break or leak during use. So it is possible to get pregnant while using condoms, though considerably less likely.

Was there someone else you had unprotected sex with? If so, then that's the likely father. But you could be, it just isn't likely.

can you get pregnant by pouring sperm from a condom that was used last night in you

A female cannot become pregnant if a condom is used providing the condom does not rip, tear of fall off during intercourse.

If the condom was the only form of contraceptive being used at the time, then yes you can get pregnant if it broke.

you may just have to wait for a month or so, your chances of becoming pregnant are excellent, especially if no precautions against pregnancy or STD's were used.

If it had holes or you didn't change it after the male ejaculated HELL YEA! of course!! Check out NOT .com REMEMBER, sexetc.ORG

You can not get pregnant if a condom is used during the whole time that the penis was in the vagina.

Slim to none, if the condom was used correctly. Condoms are in the lower to mid- 90th percentile effective against pregnancy, on average. The fact that you pulled out before ejaculating into even the condom means it's highly unlikely your partner will be pregnant as a result of your rendezvous.

Depends if the condom had a rip. If it did, then you're most likely pregnant.

You can get pregnant if the condom isn't used properly.

if you used the pill and a condom then I would say there is little chance you are pregnant

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