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Q: American settlements that enjoyed profitable farming were?
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What American settlement enjoyed profitable farming?

Southern plantations, the French along the St. Lawrence River, and the Middle colonies.

American settlements that enjoyed profitable farming?

The mid Atlantic colonies of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, and Delaware were initially some of the most successful farming areas during the 1800s. Later, colonies in the South began to develop large plantations for crops such as tobacco and cotton.

What American settlements enjoyed farming?

American settlements such as Jamestown in Virginia and Plymouth in Massachusetts were known for their successful farming practices. These settlements were able to grow crops such as corn, wheat, and tobacco thanks to fertile land and favorable growing conditions. Agriculture played a key role in the economic development of these settlements.

How did settlers survive in New Jersey?

When the first settlements were set up in what is now New Jersey, settlers survived largely by farming and partaking in a profitable trade of furs & game with the local Native American tribes.

In which country is farming more profitable?

Greenland is the most profitable

Why is tobacco called the gold of Virginia?

Tobacco farming in the state of Virginia is extremely profitable.

Advantages of cattle farming?

Cattle Farming can be a profitable business.

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What type of farming is conducted on permanent settlements?

Sedentary farming.

What type of farming is profitable in Australia?


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What crop allowed the early English colony of Virginia to become profitable and survive?

Tobacco farming made the English colony of Virginia profitable