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The only possible place where you can report about a mistress living with your husband is your bedroom. Here you are missing your husband. Whose fault is this after all? You can't entertain your husband here. He has to go somewhere with a mistress. Please don't report to any external party. Solve this problem yourself. Your husband is after all your husband. The mistress is simply a mistress. I hope you understand the point.

She is living with her husband and her little two boys.

While living in Pennsylvania, my husband and I drafted wills with a Pennsylvania attorney. We now live in Virginia. Is this a problem?

There is not special name for the dead husband of a living wife. You can refer to him as her "late husband."

yes she is living with her skitsophrenic husband in alabama

up to you and your husband assuming your not separated, if you were living apart probably shouldn't.

Celine Dion's husband is René Angélil and is still living.

Yes, she is living but unfortunately, her husband is not.

Possibly that Hera - her mother - and Hercules - her husband, had been at odds while Hercules was living. Hercules was also the half brother of Hebe, though their father Zeus.

Yes, she is still living. She has 2 sons and a husband.

in Hollwood with her husband Deryck Wibley

Obviously, a married couple.

no he is not still living....he died in 2005..... boo hoo sad...

Pollution is a problem for everyone living on Earth!

she is now living in California with her mom and her husband

She is alive and living with her husband and baby she had in 2011

Your husband is not allowed to lock you out of any room in your house.

Light is non-living. Everything ls living. Our perspective of life is so limited. That is the problem

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