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I'm guessing the answer is an intranet, based on the description.

However I don't feel qualified to go any deeper than that.

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Q: An internal network designed to provide and disseminate information to internal staff using the look and feel of the World Wide Web is known as an?
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Internet routing with a network's internal routing?

internal Network

If you have gigabit network cards in your PC the internal network will be faster.?

If you have gigabit network cards in your PC the internal network will be faster.

What is internal and external storage?

Data storage outside (external) or inside (internal) the computer. The location of where the information (files, etc) on your computer system/network.

What is the is an internal network that uses Internet technologies?

is an internal network that uses Internet technologies

How does Direct Access work?

Direct access is designed to give the user of a computer direct access to their internal network over the internet, and is in many ways similar to VPN's.

What is network design?

First step to design a network is to prepare a layout . Then Protocols which are to be applied are decided. A network can be designed on Packet tracer (software) .

Are network addresses used in network routing?

An address that can only be used on the internal network

What IP network is reserved for internal testing?

LOOPBACK ADDRESS -\8 IP Network range is reserved for Internal Testing.

How do you enable an internal wireless network adapter?

Enabling a internal wireless network adapter requires installation of the hardware on your computer. Once installed you will be able to add a network to the adapter.

Difference between local area network and camus area network?

1. How might a distributed database designed for a local area network differ from one designed for a wide area network?

What is the purpose of an organization's internal network?

The purpose of an organization's internal network is to ensure that everyone knows and understands the organizations goals and objectives. The internal network also ensures that the organizations provides quality service to those the organization comes in contact with.

What type of network can you set up that is another company internal network?