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No, to be in equilibrium all of the forces acting on an object have to cancel each other out. Which in this example, gravity is the only force.

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Which term explains whether an object's velocity has increased or decreased over time

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Q: An object thrown into the air stops at the highest point in its path Is it in equilibrium at this point?
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An object thrown upward has zero acceleration at the highest point?

No, the acceleration at the highest point is never 0.

A ball thrown straight up has zero velocity at its highest point Is the ball in equilibrium at this point?

no, it still has the force of gravity on it

When an object is thrown straight up at the highest point the downward velocity is?


Can an object be in equilibrium if the object is acted on by two forces that point in directions that are not perpendicular?

Yes. To be in equilibrium, the forces must not be perpendicular - they must point in opposite directions.

Is equilibrium point where the system has the highest free energy?

Equilibrium is complete balance among everything.

What is the highest point above the equilibrium position called?


Which of Jesus' apostles was thrown from the highest point of the temple?


A stone is thrown straight up. when it reaches its highest point?

When the stone reaches its highest point, earth's gravity ensures it has to come down.

When a ball is thrown up what is its acceleration and velocity at the highest point?

0 zero

Can an object have an instantaneous velocity of zero and have a non-zero acceleration?

Yes. A typical example is an object thrown directly up - this will happen when it is at its highest point, just before it falls back down again.

When an object is at its highest point which energy value is highest potential or kinetic?

An object at its highest point has the greatest potential energy. Only moving objects have kinetic energy at the moment they are in motion.

Define equilibrium and write the two conditions of equilibrium?

Equilibrium means that an object will stay at rest or not accelerate; the conditions are the net force is zero and the net moment about any point is zero.

A ball is thrown with enough speed straight up so that it is in the air several seconds What is the velocity of the ball when it gets to its highest point?

A the highest point its velocity will be zero.

At what point in a pendulum's swing is its kinetic energy the greatest?

The highest point of the pendulums swing is when the potential energy is at its highest and the kinetic energy is at its lowest. Kinetic energy is at its highest when at the lowest point of its swing, or equilibrium position, this is when the potential energy is at zero.

What is the law of moment?

for an object in equilibrium, the sum of clockwise moments about any point equals the sum of anticlockwise moments about the some point.

Consider a ball thrown upward It goes to its highest point and then falls until you catch it at the bottom of its flight What is the acceleration of the ball at its highest point?

0 ms-2 upwards

When as ball is thrown straight up the acceleration at its highest point is what?

The acceleration is always -9.81 m/s^2. At its highest point the velocity is zero, but its acceleration is always constant.

Consider a ball thrown straight up in the air Where is its gravitational potential energy a maximum?

At the highest point

Is it possible for an object to simultaneously have a speed of zero but an acceleration that is not zero?

Yes, it is. Consider a ball thrown into the air. At the highest point of the arch its velocity is zero, yet it's constantly accelerated by Earth's gravitation.

What does equilibrium?

Equilibrium is the point where demand = supply

What is the momentum at the highest point of a ball thrown vertically upwards?

The highest point is the point where the ball's velocity transitions from upward to downward. At that instant, the ball's speed, velocity, momentum, and kinetic energy are all exactly zero.

Heat will flow from a hot object to a cold object until the objects reach A. stability. B. equilibrium. C. collapse. D. boiling point?


When a ball is thrown up at what point is its kinetic energy the greatest?

i'm not sure what u mean. the kinetic energy will be the highest at the point of impact with the groud

What hasa zero velocity yet a non-zero acceleration?

For example, an object thrown upwards, when it is at its highest point. This situation is only possible for an instant - if the acceleration is non-zero, the velocity changes, and can therefore not remain at zero.

What is the acceleration of an object effected by gravity thrown at a 45 degree angle above the horiziontal at its highest point?

The only force acting on a projectile once launched is gravity. So the acceleration of any object launched at any angle is the acceleration due to gravity, -9.8m/s2.

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