Ana va asu clase de espanoltiene una profesora muy buena?

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Ana goes to her Spanish class; she has Avery good teacher(female)
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La clase de?

"La clase de ________" means "________ Class" examples: La clase de geografía - Geography Class La clase de matemáticas - Math Class

Como es tu profesora de espanol?

"How is your [female] Spanish teacher?" Estupenda!!! She's great! Vea su enlace abajo. Take a look at her link, below.

How do you answer adonde vas despues de las clases?

In English this means, "Where do you go after class?" The answer to this question depends on where you go after class. Well, if you have a book or something you should figure it out for your self. But I think you would answer "Voy a ....." I think. Or you could say, " Despues de las clases, v ( Full Answer )

Como es la clase de espanol?

Translation: "How is the spanish class?" Answer: Mi clase de espanol es muy divertido, gracias.

Una competencia de futbol muy popular del mundo?

El Mundial de Futbol. Se lleva a cabo cada cuatro anos y hasta ahora Brazil es el unico pais que a participado en todos y cada uno de ellos y el que a ganado mas campeonatos mundiales, 5 en total.

What does No you gusto clase de espanol means?

"No you gusto clase de espanol" does not mean anything meaningful in Spanish. You may mean, "No me gusta clase de español," which translates to "I don't like Spanish class."

Que trae usted a la clase de español?

Traigo un cuaderno y unas lápices. Nada más. What do you bring to the spanish class? I bring a notebook and a few pencils. Nothing more.

How do you answer como es tu clase de espanol in spanish?

¿Cómo es tu clase de español? (What is your Spanish class like?) Example response: La clase de español es muy divertida. He aprendido mucho del idioma y de la cultura hispana. (Spanish class is very fun. I have learned a lot about the language and hispanic culture.)

What does clase de mean?

It means "class of", but many times will just be interpreted as "class". Example: "clase de español" would be "Spanish class".

What does tienes una dias buenas?

First of all it's grammatically incorrect. Tienes unos dias buenos Secondly, it means "Do you have some good days?" Unless you mean: 'Tienes un buen dia?' = Are you having a good day?

What does tarea de la clase mean?

Tarea de la clase most likely means "Class assignment" It could also mean "homework" depending on the usage. Literally it means "task of the class"

What is the description of bajo de una?

A bajo de unas is a musical instrument. They usually have 4strings, but can have up to 6. They are also compared to the doublebass.

How do you answer a que hora es la clase de espanol?

The question means 'At what time is the Spanish class?' You could simply reply: 'At 1/2/3/4/5 etc. o'clock':- 'A la una (en punto)' - 'At one (o'clock)' 'A las dos/tres/cuatro/cinco (en punto)' - 'At 2/3/4/5 etc. (o'clock)'. You could add: 'Es....' (It's....) before any of the above

What does Muy bien estoy en esa clase ahora mean in English?

I'm not 100 percent certain. If it's two sentences then it means: Very well. I'm in that class now. If it's one sentence then the speaker probably means, "I am very well in that class now" - meaning that they are doing well in that class now (implying that this wasn't the case in the past).

What is the 'Clases de Ingles' famous for?

Clases de Ingles is a program of the New York public library that offers English classes to those who speak Spanish and other languages. These classes are offered in multiple locations.

What actors and actresses appeared in Pecados de una profesora - 2008?

The cast of Pecados de una profesora - 2008 includes: Carlos Adame as Vagabundo Cyseil Almonte as Mucama hotel Chela Arias as Diana Vivanco Adrian Carvajal as Bruno Soto Alba Galindo as Chica playa Grace Giraldo as Chica football Boris Peraza as Salvador Terraza Natalia Saenz as Chica playa