Analogies for nucleolus?

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factory:factory worker as a nucleolus:nucleus

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What are analogies for a nucleolus?

If the ribosomes make the factory, then the nucleolus consists of the construction workers that make up the factory. If the whole cell is the factory, then the ribosomes are the factory workers, and the nucleolus is the manager in charge of hiring and/or training new workers.

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Does the nucleus or the nucleolus control the cell?

The nuclear control the cell then the nucleolus is iside the nucleolus.

What are analogies for cytoplasm in a plant cell?

what are some analogies for cytoplasm in a plant cell?

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What is the site of the production of ribosomes?

the nucleolus..nucleolus

What is nucleolus chromosomes?

a nucleolus produces ribosomes

What are the organelles of the nucleolus cells?

at are the organelles of nucleolus

Does the nucleus or the nucleolus manufacture ribosomes?

Nucleolus :)

What organelle assembles ribosomes?

the nucleolusThe Nucleolus

Is the nucleolus a plant?

The nucleolus is not a plant, but an organelle within the nucleus of a cell. The nucleolus transcribes and assembles RNA.

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What is the importance of a nucleolus?

Davidmt1: The nucleolus produce the nucleus.

What contains the nucleolus?

The nucleus of a cell contains the nucleolus.

What does the nucleolus do in a cell?

The nucleolus creates the parts and what not for the ribosomes

What is the nucleolus envelope?

a protecting layer over the nucleolus

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