Anata no BAKA desu NE

Updated: 11/9/2022
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how dare you call me a fool, we've never met, i think.

" you are a fool" is what it means

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Q: Anata no BAKA desu NE
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What does 'baka no desu' mean?

baka means idiot. baka no desu is not how you say you are a idiot tho, anata WA baka desu means you are an idiot

How do you say stuipd in Japanese?

anata WA baka desu

How do you say the phrase 'you are not an idiot' in Japanese?

'Anata ha baka janai desu.'

What does Baka anata wa baka desu mean in Japaneses?

"Idiot! You are an idiot!" That is what it means. anata: You (in a polite way) wa: means that the word before is the subject of the sentence (so "anata/you" is the subject of the sentence) baka: idiot desu: are

How do you day you are a cute idiot in Japanese?

Anata WA kawaii baka da. You can swap Anata with kimi or Da with desu depending on how polite you wanna be

What is the Japanese word meaning idiot?

To say idiot, stupid, moron, or silly in Japanese would be "Baka". Example: "Anata WA baka desu" Means both "You are a moron", and "You are an idiot."

What is the phrase you are when translated from English to Japanese?

anata WA eg. you are stupid - anata WA bakka desu you are cute - anata WA kawaii desu you are a cat - anata WA neko desu

What does anata no nihongo jozu desu ne mean?

This can be translated as "Your Japanese is very good," or "You speak Japanese very well".

What is the word 'are' when translated from English to Japanese?

simply, Desu. eg. who are you? - anata wa dare desu ka? where are you? - anata wa doko desu ka? are you ill? - anata wa byouki desu ka? are they new? - arera wa atarashii desu ka? ect. Desu means: Are, Is, and am.

Dakedo watashi wa anata muri desu ne?

A word-by-word translation would be : "However, I, am, you, impossible, isn't it?" Please Do elaborate!

How do you say 'you are an idiot' in Japanese?

あなたはばかで す。 (Anata WA baka desu.)AnswerSonata ga oobakamono de aru. ( just for kicks n giggles ;p)

What is o shiri no ana anata no baka?

oshiri no ana = rectum (but probably said in a different way) anata ha baka= you are a fool