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You will get payment seat in private college of your choice.

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Q: Andhra pradesh state rank is 12660.where you can get seat?
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Your aieee b arch rank is 27202 and state rank is 6033 and in open category 3808 in andhra pradesh in which b arch colleges can you get admission?

Itm lucknow

Rank list of states in India on basis of education?

There are 29 states in India. The rank list of states in India on the basis of education is Kerala, Mizoram, Tripura, Andhra Pradesh, Goa and Tamil Nadu.

What is the rank of himachal pradesh university in India?

What is the rank of hpu in india

Your aieee barch rank in andhra pradesh is 6000 then which colleges should you prefer?

It depends upon caste, tribe allotted seats. Forward caste student will get payment seat in private college of his choice.

What is ai hs quota in aieee?

hs-home state,i.e., for example we consider nit warangal.. then the rank given side by to hs is the cut off rank of the student who belongs to andhra.. and the rank given beside ai(all india) is the cutoff rank for a student joining from other states expect andhra.... hope u got it... bye...

Rank wise list of MTech colleges in Andra?


Second largest railway junction of India?

The largest railway junction in India is Vijaywada, Andhra Pradesh. second largest is not a one but there are three competitors for this rank i.e. Mughal sarai, Kharagpur and Itarsi stations.

You got 36398 rank in eamcet and iam an sc candidate which college you will get in btech and which branch is preferable?

sir, I got 36398 rank in BTECH in general but iam an sc candidate ,so which college and which branch is preferable to me. will you please give me your guidence to join in BTECH in Andhra pradesh

What is the rank of niet in uttar pradesh?

it is at 56th rank in up, rank 2nd in greater noida worst infrastructure, no placements...............

What is the rank of malla reddy engineering college in andhra pradesh?

It is one of the best college in the hyderabad city. It has NACC 'a' grade and also NBA accredited college. It got best infrastructure and well qualified and experienced staff. so no second thought about this college.

What is the rank of kamla nehru institute of technology in uttar pradesh?

I think in govt. colleges of up its rank is 3rd or 4th.

What are the rank wise top 20 private engineering colleges of madhay pradesh?

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