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They get energy by eating the animal.

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Q: Animals get this by eating other animals?
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What process supplies energy to all living organisms?

For Plants : Photosynthesis For animals (herbivours) : Eating plants For animals (carnivours) : Eating other animals For animals (omnivours) : Eating plants and other animals

How do animals be alive?

by eating other animals

What are meat-eating animals that hunt and eat other animals called?

Meat-eating animals that hunt and eat other animals are called carnivores.

How do animals get nitrogen?

Animals get their nitrogen from plants and by eating other animals.

Where do animals get nitrogen from?

Animals get their nitrogen from plants and by eating other animals

Where do animals obtain glucose from?

They get it from eating other animals!

Animals get what from eating other animals?

they get meat to eat

How animals get energy?

From eating other plants or animals.

Why are animals called consumer?

Animals get their energy by eating plants or other animals.

Animals that live by killing and eating other animals?


How do animals obtain their nitrogenrequirements?

By eating plants and other animals.

How do other animals obtain the nitrogen they need?

Plants and animals die and decomposers break down their nitrogen containing molecules to ammonia. All animals get the nitrogen they need by eating plants, by eating other animals that ate plants, or by eating animals that ate animals that ate plants.

How are the animals affecting the humans in Kenya?

the animals are eating the cattle and other farm animals

How do animals get the energy they need or life processes?

animals get there energy by eating other animals

Are Carnivores animals that eat other animals?

Yes, carnivores are animals that can eat other animals. Any meat-eating animal is a carnivore.

Do desert animals get water from eating other animals?

They get water from the fluids of other animals, eating plants aka/ drinking the moisture on the plants aka cactus, or if there is rain.

How do sea animals protect themselves from enemies?

animals protest themselves by eating other animals

How do animals get carbon?

Animals get carbon by eating plants or algae or other animals that have eaten plants.

Animals eating other animals flesh is called?

Animal cannibalism.

How do animals obtain and use energy?

by eating plants or other animals

When animals eat other animals what do they get?

the get energy for eating another animal

How do animals like foxes predators get carbon?

By eating other animals.

How do cheetahs help other animals?

They actually DON'T help animals, unless eating animals is helping them ;).

What other animals do zebras fear?

lions, wild dogs and other meat eating animals

Animals get this from eating other animals it starts with E and has 6 letters?